Yvaine Umber
Lady of Last Hearth
Culture Northman (First Men, Wildling)
Aliases Little Giant


Gender Female
Date of Birth 349
Date of Death
Gifts Agility
Skills Horse-riding, Archery, Healing, Climbing
Negative Traits Mute
Liege Lord Brandon Stark
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Patrek Umber

Horen Snow

Favoured Weapons Recurve Bow
Reddit Username /u/yvaineumber
Alternate Characters Nymeria Martell

Sarrah Vikary Ravella

Yvaine Umber is the daughter of Lord Commander Patrek Umber and niece of the late Lord Jon Umber, a member of House Umber. Following his death before the Grand Council of 367AL, she has inherited Last Hearth, and is titled Lady of Last Hearth.

Appearance Edit

Yvaine, pronounced /ɨˈveɪn/, is 18 years old, but slight for her age, with hair the colour of dark honey, fair skin, and wide tawny eyes. She has a scar on her left eyebrow, another along the length of her right arm after the bone had to be re-set, and a burn mark in the shape of an Umber brand on the inside of her left thigh. Following a more recent altercation with her cousin, she also sports a shallow knife scar along her neck. She is 5'4" tall, and compared to her towering, dark-haired relatives, she is the exception to the classical Umber appearance. In spite of hardships, she is a fit and healthy young girl, fast, agile, and slender.

History Edit

Yvaine was born to Patrek Umber and his wife, Lady Marell Flint. Lady Marell died in childbirth, and in his grief, Patrek left his daughter in the care of his brother, left Last Hearth, and took the Black. She was raised alongside her older cousin, Horen Snow, who was Lord Jon's only issue. The two children received the same education, but Yvaine was found seemingly dumb or deaf, and did not speak. After closer inspection it was found she was simply mute, unable or unwilling to speak, and just as intelligent as others her age. Her mutism is speculated to be the result of her cousin's abuse, sparked by jealousy and his inability to inherit his father's house, which began at a young age.

When she was old enough, Yvaine began sneaking into the forests surrounding Last Hearth to avoid her cousin. She was gifted a blood bay foal on her twelfth nameday, which she named Snowpiercer and trained herself. As her rider is unable to speak, Snowpiercer is specially trained for touch and small sounds, not speech-- Yvaine rarely rides any other steed. She often rode through the Lonely Hills and forests around Last Hearth, and took up using bow and arrow as a hobby. She is highly proficient with the weapon, but does not show off or do anything that might bring her cousin's attention.

Due to her mutism, Yvaine had to learn a form of sign language commonly taught to maesters and highborn folk born or left deaf or mute. She spent many hours of her childhood with the maester of Last Hearth, Elron, who taught it to the young girl, her uncle, and cousin. A few others, such as Lord Alesander Lake, and the Umber household are also familiar. Her closeness with Maester Elron also gave her opportunity to learn the skills of healing and medicine.

Aurienne by chiiku-d5ploms2

As he is not permitted to inherit the Last Hearth, Horen Snow has been bent on marrying Yvaine and having children by her. She was first raped by him at 15, and got with child at 17, though stayed the pregnancy by use of tansy, mint, wormwood, honey, and pennyroyal. Lord Jon Umber remained unaware of his son's abuse for its entire duration. Following his death the night before he was due to leave for the Great Council, Yvaine was made Lady of Last Hearth, and excused from attending the council to mourn her uncle.

Recent Events Edit

367AL Edit

Yvaine defended herself against Horen for the first time, and has left Last Hearth with a few supplies, weapons, and her horse, headed east through the Lonely Hills. She is heavily wounded with a fractured cheek and black eye [1]. On the shore of the Bay of Seals, Yvaine met a group of Skagosi, lead by a boy with a pet wolf. In return for their protection, Yvaine promised to take them to Karhold to gather allies [2].


Part of a conversation between Yvaine Umber and Brandon Stark

On the way to Karhold, the boy revealed himself to be Brandon Stark, the rightful Lord of Winterfell and Lord Paramount of the North [3]. Though doubtful in his abilities, Yvaine lead him to Karhold, where she met with her old friend Alysanne Karstark [4]. At Karhold, Lord Karstark and his daughter explained the devastation at the Neck, the demands of the Ironborn, and promised a small host of armed men to accompany Yvaine and her party back to Last Hearth. On the journey home, she met Eddard Reed, who joined Stark's company [5].

On return to her home, Yvaine found several parts of the town burned to ruins. Maester Elron and Alesander Lake revealed her cousin's deception, who had burned down the Giant's Keep and Ironwood Tower upon realising he could not hold the town against his cousin and the Karstark forces. Horen Snow left with approximately 100 deserters, untrained and mostly unarmed men, said to be headed west to treat with the Ironborn. Maester Elron delivered a raven from Harold Snow outlining the approach of Ironborn ships toward the North; in reply, Yvaine has raised her levies [6]. The levies were not raised in time to assist at the Dreadfort, but the Ironborn invaders remained unsuccessful. In a plea for assistance against further attacks, Yvaine wrote a letter to the newly crowned King Valarr Targaryen [7].


Under the command of Brandon Stark, Lord Paramount of the North, Yvaine spent weeks gathering her levies, including 3000 Umber men and 1250 clansmen [8] and begin the march west to Winterfell, meeting the Karstark forces in the lower Lonely Hills [9]. The Umbers, Karstarks, and clansmen of Wull, Norrey, Barclay, Liddle, and Flint arrived in Winterfell during a snow storm; having heard of her cousin's capture in the Wolfswood, Yvaine immediately asked to see Horen Snow in the dungeons. Horen managed to escape and take Yvaine hostage; she escaped, and brutally murdered him [10].

Having made some recovery, Yvaine joined the Council at Winterfell and argued to lead her numbers through the mountain ranges along the Bay of Ice and into Deepwood Motte [11]. Though Brandon eventually yielded, he also professed attraction toward Yvaine; knowing it would bring unnecessary attention, Yvaine remained behind in Winterfell while Brandon took the Umber, Karstark, Manderly, and other supportive forces west to retake Deepwood Motte [12]. During her time in Winterfell, Yvaine read and replied to a letter from Brandon Tully, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, offering the alliance of the North [13]. When Brandon returned to Winterfell, Yvaine showed him the letter, and though initially displeased with her deceit, the Lord of Winterfell tentatively agreed to travelling south [14]. Yvaine gladly accompanied the Stark forces with her own men to the Rills; on the way, she met with Damon Whitehill, the former ward of her uncle Jon and old friend [15].

368AL Edit

With the Stark forces, Yvaine arrived in the Barrows in time to help the remaining Karstarks battle the rebellious Dustins and the last remaining Bolton, Lord Edderion. Yvaine participated on horseback with bow and arrow, and assisted in bringing the wounded, including Sigorn Karstark, back to the camps [16]. Following the victorious battle, Yvaine spent days helping heal the wounded men, and had little sleep. She attended a council held by Lord Stark to determine their next move, and confessed that Umber men desired to return home, plow their fields, rebuild Last Hearth, and avoid war with the Ironborn [17].

Timeline Edit

  • 349AL, eleventh moon -- Yvaine Umber is born to Patrek and Marell Umber. Lady Marell dies some hours later of bloodloss.
  • 350AL, first moon -- Patrek leaves Yvaine in the care of his brother, Jon Umber. He gives up lands, titles, and family when he joins the Night's Watch.
  • 357AL -- Yvaine has still yet to speak, and is suspected to be dumb or deaf.
  • 358AL -- She is given better tutelage by her uncle, and is found to be intellectually as smart as others her age, simply unable or unwilling to speak. Also around the same time she is first wronged by her cousin, Horen Snow.
  • 362AL -- Damon Whitehill is forced from Last Hearth after he tries to intervene on Horen's abusive behaviour. Yvaine is raped for the first time.
  • 366AL, fifth moon -- Yvaine is given tansy and pennyroyal tea to stay a bastard in her belly.
  • 367AL -- Jon Umber is called to represent his house at the Great Council, but fatefully died the night before he was due to leave. Yvaine is named Lady of Last Hearth, and the Umbers are excused from attending the meeting at the Dreadfort and council at Harrenhal.

Family Edit

  • {Smalljon Umber}, died at the Red Wedding
  • {Lord Torren Umber}
  • {Val the Wildling}
    • {Lord Vorick Umber}
      • {Lord Jon Umber}, died 367AL
        • Horen Snow, died 367AL
      • Lord Commander Patrek Umber
        • Lady Yvaine Umber