Wyllard Manderly is the eldest son of Wyllas Manderly, Lord of White Harbor. His family resides in White Harbor and are bannermen to House Bolton.

History Edit

Wyllard Manderly is 36 years old. As most members of house Manderly everyday their breakfast, lunch and dinner are like feasts, thus why Wyllard is so fat. He had developed his passion for falconry and painting as he was never good at anything that required much physical activity. Since he was a child, Wyllard had a natural talent with his voice. Even at the young age of sixteen his voice was authoritative and booming.

Appearance Edit

He has curly dark blonde hair, an unshaved beard, turquoise eyes. Chubby arms and legs and a round stomach. He is larger than average in height. He has two younger brothers and two younger sisters. His father is Wyllas Manderly.

Family Edit

  • Wyllas Manderly, His Father, Lord of White Harbor (63)
    • Wyllard Manderly (36)
    • Welis Manderly (34)
    • Wynafryd Manderly (31)
    • Waynar Manderly (30)
    • Sylina Snow (29)
  • Weilla Manderly (distant cousin to Wyllas) (60)

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