Biography Edit

Lord Willem has two and thirty years to his name. He is the fourth child and only son of Lord Ormund Buckler. Never has Lord Willem towered over his enemies, but he is still very proficient in fighting, being a stalwart shield against all of his enemies. A squat muscular man, having a lower center of gravity than others, he finds he can take down mountains and mice down. In his youth he became infatuated with a daughter of one of his father's vassal's daughters, she had a sweet voice, and so he commanded the septas to teach him how to dance.

Willem lost interest in the girl before a moon's turn but he took to dancing and enjoys it immensely. He became the Lord of Bronzegate 5 years ago when his elderly father passed of a bad belly. He was trained in swordplay as a child, predominantly with a longsword but in his young adult hood he became fond of the mace and shield.

Timeline Edit

  • 329 AC: Harra Buckler is born.
  • 331 AC: Cassana Buckler is born.
  • 332 AC: Tyana Buckler is born.
  • 332 AC: Lord Ormund's first wife dies giving birth to Tyana.
  • 335 AC, 2nd moon: Lord Ormund is married to the daughter of Lord Estermont.
  • 335 AC, 11th moon: Willem Buckler is born in Bronzegate.
  • 343 AC: Willem is sent to squire under Lord Estermont
  • 353 AC: Twins Janei and Elenei Buckler are born.
  • 354 AC: Willem is knighted after killing three men in battle.
  • 362 AC: Lord Ormund dies in Volantis while feasting with the Red Priests.

Family Edit

  • Father: Lord Ormund Buckler
  • Mother: Lady Helena Estermont
    • Harra Buckler (38)
    • Cassana Buckler (331 - 362 AC, died of greyscale in Volantis)
    • Tyana Buckler (332 - 347 AC, in childbed)
      • Selwyn Storm
    • Willem Buckler (32)
    • Janei Buckler (14)
    • Elenei Buckler (14)

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