War of the Roses
The white rose of House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep, and the traditional arms of House Tyrell of Highgarden
Date 367AC - Present
Location The Reach
Result Death of Leo Tyrell
Brightwater Keep is inherited by Alerie Tyrell
House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep House Tyrell of Highgarden
Leo Tyrell Alester Tyrell
7400 men 67400 men, 60 warships
Leo Tyrell None

The War of the Roses is a budding conflict in the Reach, occurring concurrently with the Hightower Rebellion.

History Edit

During the Grand Council of 367AC, Lord Paramount of the Reach Alester Tyrell declared his support for Princess Alysanne of Dragonstone. His relative and long-time supporter Leo Tyrell, however, passionately supported Lord Paramount Lyonel Baratheon, who withdrew his claim upon the throne in favor of Valarr Targaryen. Following the Council Leo attempted to escape the wrath of his cousin by making his way to the Stormlands with the Baratheon host. He was apprehended by Tyrell soldiers before he could break camp.

Lord Leo Tyrell was escorted to the tent of Alester Tyrell, where the kinsmen made peace for the sake of unity and strength. Leo Tyrell returned to Brightwater keep, before the stronghold was put under siege by Lord Loras Hightower.

After Lord Loras Hightower's murder, his brother, Hyle Hightower, inherited Oldtown. Hyle Hightower lifted the siege of Brightwater Keep, and compensated Lord Leo Tyrell for any agricultural losses as he withdrew. Lord Tyrell then ordered his levies to gather at Brightwater Keep.

The War Begins Edit

The Letters Edit

As the Hightower forces pulled away from Brightwater Keep, Lord Leo Tyrell penned a letter to all Lords of the Reach., and to Queens Landing itself. It read;

Dear Lords and Ladies of the Reach, and the marvelous city of Queen's Landing.

My most dear and beloved cousins, Luthor and Alester Tyrell have committed the most grievous of crimes against Westeros and Valarr Targaryen, the rightful monarch of the Seven Kingdoms and his own vassals in the recent days, which include:

The Murder and unlawful War against Loras Hightower and House Hightower.

- Harbouring a illegal fugitive, Luthor Tyrell.

- Treason by plotting to usurp the crown.

- Gathering their levies in conspiracy to commit them against Royal Forces.

- Actively plotting and quote-un-quote planning to 'Raze Queen's Landing to the ground if it meant putting the rightful Queen on the Iron Throne,' which I can personally attest to as they attempted to include me in their dastardly schemes.

- Adultery with Princess Alysanne Targaryen, once again something I accidently witnessed with the utmost displeasure and can be attested to by several servants.

It is with a heavy-heart that I force myself denounce my beloved cousins, and with the absence of Olenna Tyrell, declare myself Lord-Protector of the Reach with the powers of Lord Paramount until this matter is fully settled, in the name of King Valarr Targaryen, in order to put a end to the blood-shed.

Most of you gleefully joke and I would glad to admit that I do not match up to my father, Garlan "The Gallant" Tyrell, in physical attribute, due to a jousting accident in my youth. However, I attempt to make up for this flaw by fully dedicating myself to his ideas of loyalty, chivalry and honor - I implore you, dear cousin Alester Tyrell, surrender yourself to be judged justly by a court of law. Do you really think that your late-father, Seven rest his soul, would like to see his son performing such actions?

May all honorable men make the right and just decision in the eyes of the Father and Mother,

Leo Tyrell, Lord of Brightwater Keep and Lord Protector of the Reach interim., in his Letter to Queens Landing and the Lords of the Reach

Following this, Lord Leo Tyrell sent several letters to Lords Hightower, Redwyne, and Rowan, seeking to garner support for his uprising. He offered all three a place in his newly founded Order of the White Rose.

The Summons Edit

Before the war can begin in earnest - indeed, before much of the Realm knows of Leo's betrayal - the newly crowned King Valarr Targaryen summons both Alester Tyrell and Leo Tyrell to the capital to stand trial for treason. Sensing an opportunity to prove his legitimacy and best his foe in a field more suited to his talents, Leo Tyrell immediately sets out for the capital, a newly recruited Galahad Darkwood in tow.

Even as he moves toward Queens Landing, however, Leo Tyrell has not forgotten his foe. He sends Lord Flement, newly sworn to his cause, the following letter.

I have received news from... certain resources in Queen's Landing. Myself and Alester Tyrell, our mutual enemy will soon be going to Queen's Landing for trial by King Valarr Targaryen. He is unlikely to use the sea-route, due to the hostile nature of House Hightower, and even if it does, I have men on the Ocean-road.

I ask of you, to send your men, disguised and hidden, onto the King's Road of Highgarden to ambush Alester and possibly Luthor Tyrell when they attempt to ride to Queen's Landing for the trial. If this is successful, they are to be held in the most secure dungeon until the trial is over and I issue further orders.

Do this, and you shall be well rewarded.

— Leo Tyrell in a letter to Lord Flement, revealed in Thorns in My Side

The Trial of the Roses and End of the War Edit

After arriving in Queens Landing and waiting upon the King's grace, Lord Leo Tyrell and Lord Alester Tyrell stand trial. Lord Leo Tyrell's letter to Lord Flement proves his undoing, as he is betrayed and the letter revealed before the court. King Valarr Targaryen finds it to be proof enough of Leo's complicity, and names both him and Alester guilty.

Though Alester Tyrell is released from prison in time, Leo Tyrell is not. He is executed by King Valarr Targaryen's own hand, after Galahad Darkwood attempts to plead for his life.

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