Veteran of the Arrowheads
Culture Norvoshi
Gender Male
Date of Birth 337
Date of Death
Gifts Towering
Skills Axes, Bilingual
Negative Traits
Liege Merrin Osgrey
Favoured Weapons Battle-ax
Reddit Username /u/ArrowheadTormo
Alternate Characters Olyvar Manwoody, Ronnel Arryn

Tormo is a former Norvoshi slave, trained by the Bearded Priests. He has been a part of the sellsword company the Arrowheads since its earliest days.

History Edit

As a young boy, Tormo was sold to the Bearded Priests of Norvos. They trained him to fight with the longaxe, and at 16 was wedded to his ax, as was tradition. By this time he was a giant of a man. At 18, he was sold to a wealthy merchant who was passing through Norvos. He spent the next 7 years fighting for his new master, gaining his trust. During this time he also learned the Common Tongue of Westeros, for his master demanded that all his slaves learn the Common Tongue. All the while, however, he was planning a way to escape. One day, he left with his master and a small band of other slave soldiers. Tormo took advantage of this, and decapitated his master, escaping into the wilderness. He wandered Essos for a time, taking jobs here or there as he found them, until he heard about a new sellsword company in the Stepstones, which he shortly joined, and has been with them ever since.

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