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Tom Stone is a bastard from the Vale

Appearance and Character Edit

History Edit

Tom was born in a hovel in the back of a whorehouse, and raised as a servant first and foremost. He worked for his food and roof from an early age, and learned not to bother the boys that were bigger than him. Most of the domestic work was done by the prostitutes, so Tom was sent outside, bringing in sacks of food and flour, chopping wood, and generally doing all of the physical activities for the less-than-reputable establishment.

All of the strenuous work he did grew his muscle mass more and more until the day his mother died, killed by servicing a particularly angry customer. Storming off at the age of fourteen, considering his life in the whorehouse done, Tom made his way to The North, and entered the nearest Northern village he could find, doing odd jobs for the ramshackle inn there much as he had for the rest of his life, but with a skin of independence atop the labor. His tongue was cut out during a barfight with a particularly ornery cavalryman for House Whitehill. He lived, but he never spoke up again.

Leaving the inn in shame, Tom traveled south to the Westerlands with nothing but a wood-splitting maul and a few coins to his name, unable to speak and unable to write. He joined the last Westerosi remnants of the Stormcrows, in truth only a loose coalition of fellow sellswords and freeriders that had built a tavern and drank themselves to death in it inbetween trips to warring houses to offer their services. He was trained how to fight there, and after a few years, a few injuries, and a few coins, Tom left them and made his way into the Riverlands, a place he had little familiarity with, but he knew that there was conflict from scraps he had heard in taverns and bars on his way there.

Recent Events Edit

Family Edit

His mother, Gertrude (Deceased)

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