The Titan's Arrows is a sell-sail company led by Captain Moqorro Sailbreaker, a native of the Summer Isles. They were formed in 351 AC, and have been growing in number and reputation ever since.

The Armada by Radojavor

The Titan's Arrows at dock.

History Edit

The Titan's Arrows were formed in 351 AC when their founder Moqorro Sailbreaker was a mate aboard a merchant ship from the Summer Isles called Mother's Embrace.  On their way to Pentos after a trip to the Jade Sea a pirate ship called Quiet Doomattacked Mother’s Embrace near the Stepstones. After a bloody fight the crew of Mother’s Embrace emerged victorious, even capturing the Quiet Doom. The crew however took heavy losses, including Moqorro’s mother, the ships’ captain, and Moqorro's stepfather Qavo.

Storm at sea by lmorse-d7b6ldv

The Golden Bowman in a storm in the Narrow Sea.

Motivated by revenge Moqorro killed the pirate captain and claimed both ships as his own. The remaining sailors of Mother's Embrace were split up between the two ships, and the barebones crew limped into the port of nearby Lys. After selling the goods gathered from the Jade Sea, and the remaining pirates sold into slavery Moqorro hired crews to man the two ships, and began his new life. He renamed Mother’s Embrace toThe Golden Bowman, and Quiet Doom became Corsair’s Revenge.

The Ships Edit

The various ships of the Titan's Arrows are listed below, along with the style of each ship.

Roman warship by radojavor-d55uf49

The Titan's Arrows in the midst of battle.

Ship Name Ship Style Ship's Captain
Golden Bowman Swan Ship Moqorro Sailbreaker
Corsair's Revenge Warship Aeron Pyke
Black Ranger Warship Cregan of Oldtown
Savage Revenge Swan Ship Tyr of Tyrosh
Liberator Warship
Bloody Victory Swan Ship
Burning Raider Warship
Elusive Storm Swan Ship
Night's Revenge Warship Lommy Greenshirt
Cursed Rover Swan Ship
Rising Tide Swan Ship
Leviathan Merchant Galley Kennos of Myr
Kraken's Beak Warship Warren Flowers
Siren's Call Warship Proto
Stranger's Grasp Swan Ship
Valyrian Doom Warship
Maiden's Breath Merchant Galley Randyll Snow
Woman's Scorn Swan Ship
Devil's Gold Merchant Galley
Lady's Whisper Warship
Widow's Tears Swan Ship
Crimson Skull Swan Ship
Savage Fortune Warship
Refugee's Delight Merchant Galley
Father's Judgement Warship
Arbiter's Fist Swan Ship Ivar Storm
Iron Shackles Swan Ship
Sellsword's Mother Swan Ship
Broken Saber Warship Maelys Red-Eyes
Rose's Thorn Swan Ship
Setting Sun Merchant Galley
Fool's Remorse Swan Ship
Final Justice Swan Ship Franklyn Storm
Pride of Pentos Swan Ship
Volantene Terror Swan Ship
Prince of Pearls Merchant Galley
Nymeria's Shadow Swan Ship
Sworn Shield Warship
Dragon's Fire Warship
Centaur's Bow Warship

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