The Siege of Horn Hill
Part of the Hightower Rebellion
The means of the Hightower advance; the bulk of their forces advance on Hornhill, while a small contingent move on Brightwater Keep
Date 5/367AC - Present
Location Horn Hill
Weather Varied
Result Undetermined
House Hightower House Tarly
Loras Hightower, Rolph Costayne Lord Tarly
2000 - 2500 men 1000 men
Traditional Siege Warfare Traditional Siege Warfare
None None

The siege of Hornhill began on the orders of the late Lord Loras Hightower, who commanded his brother to lay siege to Brightwater Keep while he himself took a considerable force to pressure House Tarly. While much of the siege occurred without event, in the fifth moon of the spring Lord Alester Tyrell arrived, backed by two thousand men, and asked to meet with Lord Loras.

The Parley of Hornhill Edit

Lords Alester and Loras met in the fields outside of Hornhill. There Lord Alester offered Loras an apology and a pardon, both of which Loras Hightower spurned. Though Lord Tyrell offered Loras the hand of his sister, Olenna, it seemed to do little to relieve hostilities between them.

Death of Loras Hightower Edit

Ser Rolph Costayne, Loras's second in command, discovered his lord, dead, in the sixth moon of the spring. He had been hung in his own tent, and from the smell seemed to have been there for quite some time. Some believe it was suicide, others say foul play, and place the blame on Lord Paramount Alester Tyrell.

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