The Siege of Brightwater Keep
Part of the Hightower Rebellion
Brightwater Keep, the seat of a cadet branch of House Tyrell
Date 5/367AC - 7/367AC
Location Brightwater Keep
Weather Varied
Result Hightower Withdrawal
House Tyrell, Loyalists House Hightower, Rebels
Leo Tyrell Hyle Hightower
900-1000 men Unknown
Traditional Siege Warfare Traditional Siege Warfare
None None

During the Hightower Rebellion, the late Loras Hightower sent his brother Hyle Hightower to Brightwater Keep, in an effort to keep Lord Leo Tyrell away from the main Tyrell host.

The Siege Edit

The Hightower forces, numbering around one thousand men, arrived at Brightwater Keep during the fifth moon of 367AC. There they proceeded to prevent any access to the fortress, hoping to starve the defenders into submission. After two months besieging the castle, Lord Hyle received word that his brother, Lord Loras, had died, leaving him as heir to Oldtown. Hyle Hightower would then call off the siege, reimbursing Lord Leo for damage to his farms and pulling away.

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