The Most Pious Mothers
Abbreviations MPM
Founding Date Unknown
Vowed Members N/A
Current Leader Septa Gwynesse
Home Sept The Sept of Queen's Landing
Charisms None
Garb Tri-colored stoles of grey, white and blue.
Seats on the Most Devout 1

The Most Pious Mothers is an order of the Faith of the Seven, comprised of Septas over the age of 60.

History Edit

The Most Pious Mothers was founded sometime before the conquest, and is generally heavily linked with the founding of the Order of the Most Pious Fathers. Though their founding date is also lost to history, some scholars have placed it at roughly 370 years before Aegon's Conquest.

As vessels of the Faith, and specifically of the Mother, the Most Pious Mothers are known to be voices of reason and compassion, traits drawn from the Mother herself. They have been staunch opponents to the arming of the Faith in years past, and still stand largely opposed to the existence of the Faith Militant.

In 129 AC, upon the death of King Viserys I, the Most Pious Mothers spoke out in support of the king's firstborn child- Princess Rhaenyra- and her right to the Iron Throne. Then under the leadership of Septa Leonella, the Most Pious Mothers remained as advocates for Rhaenyra Targaryen throughout the Dance of Dragons, until her passing and the civil war's conclusion in 131 AC.

For as long as the histories can remember, the Most Pious Mothers have served as counter-measure to some of the more rash orders, those that are predominantly male and more in favor of war, battle and action. The Most Pious Mothers have always favored a more patient approach, caring more for compassion than for violence, and peaceful resolution over anything else.

Teachings & Charisms Edit

Unlike many of the other orders of the Faith, the Most Pious Mothers do not dedicate themselves towards a certain goal or certain teachings. Instead, they serve almost as a higher-body within the Faith, a revered position held by the most holy and compassionate of Septas.

Only the eldest and most experienced Septas- those above the age of sixty, deemed worthy by the Head Mother- may be selected to join the ranks of the Most Pious Mothers. To indicate their position, members of the Most Pious Mothers wear stoles of three colors- white, blue and grey- to identify themselves as the most prestigious of Septas.

The Head Mother of the Most Pious Mothers is also granted a seat on the council of the Most Devout. This position is currently held by Septa Gywnesse.

Important Figures & Known Mothers Edit

  • Septa Gwynesse of the Most Devout, Head of the Mothers.

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