The Most Pious Fathers
Most Pious Fathers
Abbreviations MPF
Founding Date Unknown
Vowed Members N/A
Current Leader Septon Reginal
Home Sept The Sept of Queen's Landing
Charisms None
Garb Maroon Stoles and Golden Star Badges
Seats on the Most Devout N/A

The Most Pious Fathers are one of the largest Male Orders in The Faith of the Seven, they are comprised of Septons over the age of 60.

History Edit

The Most Pious Fathers are the oldest and largest Order within the Faith of the Seven. It is not known specifically when they were founed, though most put the guess at 370 years before the Conquest by Septon Marley the Elder, who is their patron. The Order has a long history of High Septons in its ranks, and the Most Devout who are part of an Order are most commonly a member of their ranks.

The Order has a long history of being a more traditional wing of the Faith, and are most commonly on good terms with the nobles and royalty of the area where they reside. They were advocates of the Conciliatory efforts of Jaeherys, believing that the Faith could better be served when under the protection of the crown, rather than the Faith Militant.

Since the rise of the Sparrows and the destruction of King's Landing the Order has lost most of its leadership, yet under the new High Septon they have been making a resurgence within the leadership of the Faith.

Teachings & Charisms Edit

Unlike most other orders, the Most Pious Fathers are not dedicated towards a certain goal. It is considered an honour for a Septon to be asked to join the Most Pious Fathers, a distinction reserved for the elderly of the Cloth. Members of the Fathers are most easily identified by the Silver Star-Shaped badges they wear on their chests and the white-pommed Zucchettos that they wear on their heads..

Any Septon can be asked to join the Most Pious Fathers by their leader or the High Septon, even if they are already dedicated to another Order. The Fathers are led by an elected Septon from their ranks who is automatically granted a spot on the Most Devout. It is also usual for the Fathers to be granted special consideration for any important assignments given to the Most Devout, and are often the chief diplomats and representatives of the Faith.

Important Figures & Known Fathers Edit

Septon Reginal of the Most Devout, Head of the Fathers

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