The Most Devout are a council of the highest ranked Septas and Septons in the realm, serving as a governing body for the Faith under the complete control of the High Septon.

The Most Devout
Most Devout
Abbreviations MD
Founding Date Unknown
Vowed Members 179
Current Leader Brother Androw
Home Sept Grand Sept of Baelor
Charisms N/A
Garb White and Gold or the Colours of their Order
Seats on the Most Devout 180

Composition Edit

The Most Devout is made up of 169 permanent seats belonging to Septons and Septas appointed for life by the High Septon. Seven more seats are allotted to the Chief Septon of the Reach, Crownlands, Dorne, Westerlands, Riverlands, and Vale, with one temporary seat being given to the High Septon's Vester and two more to the Leaders of the Warrior's Sons and Poor Fellows. The High Septon also holds a seat on the Most Devout.

Historical Sessions of the Most Devout Edit

The Court of Radicals Edit

The Court of Radicals is the name given to the Most Devout under 'The Traveling One'. They were noted for having a large portion of more radical orders controlling it in the beginning, though during his reign The Traveling One only ever had 15 members of the Most Devout, too busy with other things to bother appointing anymore. After his death and the appointment of the next High Septon, the Most Devout took on a much more conservative composition.

The Crowned Court Edit

The Crowned Court, under 'The Crowned One' has taken on a much more conservative and traditional makeup, with the Radicals falling to the third largest group in terms of seats held. The Most Devout took a long while to elect the current High Septon, having to finally elect him as a compromise candidate as a compromise on the original compromise candidates.

Makeups of the Most Devout Edit

The Court of Radicals Edit

The Crowned Court Edit

Most devout-0
The Following is a list of the chief Septons during the Crowned Court.
Chief Septons Order Name
Crownlands Order of the Most High & Blessed Father
The Reach Most Holy Ladies of the Blooming Rose
The Riverlands Order of the Anvil
The Westerlands The Men Most Restful of the Holy Faith
The Stormlands Order of the Anvil
Dorne Order of the Eastern Mission
The North Order of the Most High & Blessed Father

Following is a list of Orders and the Number of Seats they held during the Crowned Court.

Order Seats Faction
The Most Pious Fathers 24 Establishment
General Faith 18 Establishment
The Baelorian Order 16 Charities
The Justinian Order 13 Justinians
The Sparrows 13 Radicals
Order of the Eastern Mission 9 Missionaries
Most Pious Mothers 8 Establishment
The Men Most Restful of the Holy Faith 8 Clerical
The Most Devout and Holy Vowed Militant 7 Militants
The Sickles 7 Radicals
Institute of the Wizened Mind 7 Wisdoms
The Puritic Order 6 Wisdoms
Order of the Most High & Blessed Father 5 OBF
Order of Merciful Men 5 Charities
Most Holy Ladies of the Blooming Rose 5 Wisdoms
Order of Pink Maidens 4 Charities
Order of the Anvil 4 Charities
Mothers of Mercy 3 Charities
Order of Septons Shining 3 Militant
Order of Standard Bearers Loyal 3 Militant
The Barthian Order 3 The Barthians
The Faminian Order 2 Wisdoms
The Mothers of Justice 2 Justinians
Devout of Ladies Most Pure 1 Clerical
Order of Grey Septas 1 Charities
Poor Fellows 1 Militants
Warrior's Sons 1 Militants
Institute of Learned Men 0 Wisdoms
Order of Red Septas 0 Militants

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