An Ironborn warship belonging to House Harlaw. Flagship of the Harlaw fleet and currently captained by Gwynesse Harlaw.

History  Edit

The Last Storm

Current Crew Edit

Besides the common reavers and raiders aboard any Ironborn ship, several members of the crew stand out as exceptional.

Noblemen Edit

Harlan Stonetree - Died in the Battle of the Dreadfort.

Tyana Kenning - Small, wiry blonde, who's decent with twin daggers. Died in the Battle of the Dreadfort

Ravella Myre - Fairly tall woman with close-cropped dark hair who wields an axe in one hand and a shield in the other.

Sigorn Pyke- 'Ironhammer' - Redheaded giant of a man who's absolutely brutal with his warhammer. Younger brother to the now deceased Victaria Pyke, who served on Arryk Volmark's flagship.

Alys Harlaw

Baelor Harlaw

Donal Harlaw - Died in the Battle of the Dreadfort.

Commoners Edit

Magda - The ship's cook and a decent shot with a bow.

Harra -

Brella - A woman of average height who wields a mace in one hand and a shield in the other.


Gelmarr -



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