The Fourth Greyjoy Rebellion is an ongoing conflicted between the Ironborn forces under King Torric Greyjoy in their attempt to split from the crown. The rebellion started in the year 367 AC when Torric Greyjoy named himself as the Iron King, and is currently ongoing. The Rebellion has spread throughout Westeros, bring House Lannister into the fold as well

The Fourth Greyjoy Rebellion Edit

King of Salt and Rock Edit

Upon the death of his father, Torric Greyjoy, seeing the realm weak upon the death of Daenerys Targaryen declares himself as the King of Salt and Stone and splits from the Iron Throne, officially causing the Fourth Greyjoy Rebellion.

The Grand Council Edit

Torric Greyjoy attends the The Grand Council of Harrenhal before news of his rebellion spreads. Upon his arrival he enters a conflict with the Warden of the North Roose Bolton which nearly turns bloody. An angered Torric attempts to seek out the Hand of the Queen Jasper Arryn for support but he is met with skepticism. Half way through the feast of Harrenhal, Torric Greyjoy departs for the Iron Islands and sends word to his allies on Pyke to prepare an ambush for the returning Northerners.

The Battle of the Bogs Edit

The Battle of the Bogs was a military skirmish fought between the forces of Harren Greyjoy and Roose Bolton who were returning from the Grand Council. It was a crushing victory for the Ironborn, who managed to capture: Roose Bolton, Edderion Bolton, Joer Mormont, Harron Karstark and kill Maggie Mormont. However they lost Ragnarr Farwynd in a duel with bastard Harold Snow.

The Battle of the Bogs gave the Ironborn much leverage over the North, having Roose Bolton and his heir in their hands. After torturing Roose at Pyke, a deal is reached where Roose agrees to give up White Harbor, Hornwood, Karhold, Deepwood Motte and the Last Hearth to the Ironborn. A Council is held at the Dreadfort by the Northerners, where a failed attempt at rallying forces occurs.

Bringing in the Lion Edit

After his victory at the Neck, Torric Greyjoy seals an alliance with Gerion Lannister who declares himself King of the Rock and arranges a betrothal between Maryen Greyjoy and Lucion Lannister.

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