An Ironborn longship belonging to House Volmark. Flagship of the Volmark fleet and currently captained by Arryk Volmark.

History Edit

The Black Leviathan was built by Maron Volmark for his son and heir, Joseran Volmark. A typical ship, its most famous usage was during the Third Rebellion when it was sailed by Lord Joseran in his battle with the dragon Rhaegal.

After the battle the ship suffered heavy damage, and was repaired in secret by Joseran's brother Brander. Joseran's sole surviving son, Rus Volmark, never used the ship, rarely leaving Volmark and the island of Harlaw from his reaching of majority till his death. The ship was then passed on to Lord Rus' heir, Lord Arryk Volmark.

Current Crew Edit

Besides the common reavers and raiders aboard any Ironborn ship, several members of the crew stand out as exceptional.

Noblemen Edit

Young Andrik Weaver – Besotted with Lady Arwyn. Often writes her poetry and follows her like a trained hound, regardless of her abuse of him.

Rynr Stonetree– A somber lad, quiet and bookish. Could sail around the world five times on paper, but doesn’t know port from starboard when faced with a real ship. Previously a ward of Rus Volmark.

Soren Stonetree– A fair lad, agile and quick witted. Previously a ward of Rus Volmark.

Ugly Ulfrick Kenning – “Ugly Ulf” A fat man with scar down the right side of his face. Shipwright.

Eon Wynch – A close friend of Ruadh and Arryk. A good hand with a knife, and favors a longsword in combat.

Victaria Pyke – Lady Redwaters. Deadly fighter and self-proclaimed daughter of the Grey King himself, who she claims came back to life to sire her upon a mermaid. Nothing else is known of her, but her aptitude for swimming is brilliant enough to make it true. Scorching red hair, and is so confident of her invincibility she wears full plate armor while at sea. (Slain in the Battle of the Bogs)

Ravella Sunderly - A friend and sworn sister of Lady Redwaters, who joined the Black Leviathan's crew upon Victaria's death. She fights most commonly with a pair of matched blades, one in either hand.

Commoners Edit

Cadwyl – “Cadwyl “Cat-Eyes” for his purple, Valyrian-like eyes, and incredible sight.

Sawane – An apprentice navigator and geographer. Knows the lay of the land, and has some skill with forecasting.

Ursa – A large, aggressive woman with a  boisterous laugh and deadly sword arm.

Morwen – A silent girl, but such a good shot some whisper that she is a witch. Purportedly came from Lonely Light, prompting many to believe she may be a skinchanger. Friends with Arwyn.

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