Tamyra Arryn
Scion of House Arryn
Culture Valeman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 346 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Voice
Skills Sabotage, Espionage
Negative Traits
Liege Jasper Arryn
Relatives Jasper Arryn

Valarr Targaryen

Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/letheix
Alternate Characters Maryen Greyjoy

Tamyra Arryn is the daughter of Jasper Arryn and Gwyndelyn Hightower.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Tamyra grew up happily with her large family at the Eyrie. She shared a particularly close bond with her grandmother, Lady Claryse, who spoiled her shamelessly. Whatsoever Tamyra asked for in her sweet, lilting voice was given to her. As she grew older, her grandmother instructed her in the more subtle, lady-like ways to employ her feminine wiles, such as well-placed word or well-timed diversion (sabotage).

Given her father's long tenure as Hand to Queen, she looks upon the Targeryens as a second family, and spent a great deal of time at court in Queen's Landing or Summerhall, plus occasionally traveling with her father on his diplomatic trips. Over the years, Tamyra established a network of friends and contacts who keep her abreast of goings-on throughout the Realm (espionage). She frequently indulges in a bit of innocent snooping herself.

Tamyra's carefree existence ended when Queen Daenerys passed and Viserion ravaged the Eyrie in grief. Of all the Arryns in their keep during the attack, she alone escaped the dragon's rampage; excepting her mother who survived in body but not spirit.

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

Tamyra fled to her father's side and presently resides at Queen's Landing, in attendance to the court of King Valarr Targaryen, newly revealed as her half-brother--but life in the capital is quite different from the pleasant days she remembers.

Timeline Edit

346 A.C: Born to Lord Jasper Arryn and Lady Gwyndelyn (Hightower) Arryn, their seventh child

356 A.C: Death of her grandmother, Lady Claryse

3rd moon, 367 A.C: Queen Daenerys passes and Viserion claims the Eyrie

4th moon, 367 A.C: Tamyra reunites with her father at Harrenhal

8th moon, 367 A.C: Her family's standing changes dramatically following a disagreement between her father and the king. Eon, her younger brother and the heir to the Vale, narrowly avoids on assassination attempt by an unknown agent.

Family Edit

  • Jasper Arryn, her father
  • Gwyndelyn Hightower, her mother
    • Tamyra Arryn
    • Eon Arryn, her brother
    • Kennos Arryn, her brother
    • Sharra Arryn, her sister

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