Talia Xenethen
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Talia Xenethen is one of the Pureborn of Qarth.



Talia Xenethen The Princess of Qarth is among one of the world's richest merchants. A member iof the Ancient line of PureBorn the nominal rulers of the great city of Qarth. the Xenethen family for years has grown wealthy on Spices, Jewels, Silks, Perfumes, exotic animals, and ofcourse Slaves.

Reknowned for there Pleasure loving ways and lavish parties the House styles itself as some of the most eccentric and extravagant royals in Essos. The buisness sense of her Blood line plainly shows in her as she makes no decision without potential gain. Apprenticed as a merchant to her father at a young age a story tells of how she once had a merchant who cheated her on a shipment of jewels by selling her fake gems. Not only did she make money off the gems but, when the Merchant's body was found not only had it not a scrap of material worth on it but, the head was neatly severed. A

Certain ruthlessness and clever cunning has kept her as one of the most powerful people in Qarth and although she does not rule the city directly. She commands enough respect and power that the Guilds and other Pureborn treat her with Reverence. Upon the death of her Father at a drunken revel after he choked to death on a bone. Talia became the head of the family. Her Father's only daughter as her mother died of plague long ago. So Far she has avoided marriage but, as she grows older it becomes an issue of immeadiate importaunce and soon the Princess will start looking for A prince to keep her line going.

Many who run across her view her as a lazy and spoiled Princess but, the facade hides a keen mind and eye for profit. An Ambitious ruler not content to simply sit on the laurels of her Fathers massive trade empire. Her men are paid well and blood flows just as easily as water. A traditionalist in the Qartheen fashion she honors city traditions and is careful to court the love of the populace through donations of bread even to the poorest of subjects. Only time will tell if her dreams of greatness will guide the will of Essos itself but, what those dreams are....even she does not make clear.

Talia loves music and as a result of her training plays the flute incessantly at extravagant feasts that are a dedication to the power of her house. The food is as eccentric as the house with Honeyed Peacock and roasted goat stuffed with sausages and on one occasion a Roasted Tiger covered in Cinnamon. Revels are common place in the Xenethen house and Talia is no exception to this rule.



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