Talia Vaith
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Negative Traits
Favoured Weapons
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Alternate Characters

Talia was raised to be a good little lady to be married off to one of her father's friends. She learned from her mother how to read, write, cook, dance, and all the things a proper lady should; Talia and her mother we're close, because they spent most of their time together. Then one day she witnessed her father, in one of his drunken stupers, kill Talia's mother for "performing" his wishes in bed. Talia ran from the castle with nothing but her clothes on her back and her flute. She barely escaped before the guards were alerted. Talia, for fear for her life, changed her name to sand, disquised as a peasant, and ran as far from her father as possible. However, things were much more expensive then she realized out in the real world. Talia compromised all her morales ingraved since birth to escape her father's wroth. She began to seduce men, get them to sleep, and steal their valuables; Talia got quite proficient at these things. She finally felt safe from her father's reach in the Riverlands and decided to treat herself for successful getting away at The Crossroads Inn.


Mother 324-363

Father b. 320


Talia's father is born 320AC

Talia's mother is born 324AC

Talia's parents wed 340

Talia is born 347

Talia's mother is killed 363

Talia stays at The Crossroads Inn 368

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