Svenrir Farwynd
Heir to Lonely Light
Svenrir after shaving his beard in a fit of rage.
Culture Ironborn
Gender Male
Date of Birth 339
Date of Death
Gifts Strong
Skills Axe, Shield, Torture
Negative Traits Illiterate
Liege Torric Greyjoy
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Ragnarr Farwynd (Brother, RIP)
Favoured Weapons Axe and Shield
Reddit Username /u/English_American
Alternate Characters Luthor Tyrell, Aethan Marbrand

Svenrir Farwynd is the third son of House Farwynd of the Lonely Light. His family are bannermen of House Greyjoy. They blazon their arms with per fesse: below a black sea with crested line, a black longship, outlined against the setting sun, dark red on orange. He is eight-and-twenty years old and the captain of The Lonely Lady.

History Edit

Svenrir Farwynd, eight-and-twenty, is the younger brother of Ragnarr Farwynd and third son of Lord Farwynd of Lonely Island. He followed in his older brothers footsteps when he turned two-and-ten and served on ships in the Iron Fleet as a deckhand.

At the age of three-and-twenty, he was awarded the title of Captain to a ship in his brothers fleet that he named the Lonely Lady, an appropriate name considering his island home. Svenrir boasts his skill in Axe and shield, and does not boast his skill of torture out loud, as it is not something you want to throw around. Torturing gives Svenrir solace, and transports him to a realm filled with ecstasy.

Svenrir has had his fair share of raiding and pillaging, especially as a part of his older brothers fleet. They were a relentless group, a group that took anything and everything; salt wives for everyone!

From every man he tortures and flays, he takes a keepsake; one of their molars. Svenrir wears a necklace of the teeth, each one marks each man he has desecrated.

Appearance Edit

Svenrir has long reddish-brown hair, and a braided beard reaching to his upper chest and a strong physique. He stands about 6 feet tall. Unlike his brother, Svenrir wears hardened leather armour, with a chainmail undercoat and no battle-helmet. He feels that a helmet restricts his vision, and he prefers to have a wide view of the battlefield.

He recently shaved his beard after a fit of rage.

Timeline Edit

  • 339 AC: Born on Lonely Isle
  • 351 AC: Ran off to join the Ironborn raiders, as his brother did.
  • 362 AC: Became Captain of the Lonely Lady.

Family Edit

  • Lord Farwynd, His Father, Lord of the Lonely Light
  • Lady Codd, His Mother
    • Older Brother
    • Ragnarr Farwynd (31)
    • Svenrir Farwynd (28), Captain of the Lonely Lady