Stannis Florent
Heir to Foxes Den, Knight
Stannis Florent
Culture Stormlord
Gender Male
Date of Birth 330 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Strong
Negative Traits
Liege Axell Florent
Spouse Brienne Ashford
Children Richard Florent
Relatives Axell Florent:Brother Cassana Florent: Sister-in-Law Bryen, Cassana, Selyse and Alester Florent: Cousins
Favoured Weapons Sword, Shield
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

Stannis Florent Edit

Stannis Florent was born in 330 AC in Foxes Den. He is the younger brother to Axell Florent. He has one son named Richard Florent

Apperance Edit

Beginning to bald, with a rough beard.


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