House Oldflowers' Ancestral Home
Location The Reach, Westeros
Government House Oldflowers, Feudal Lord
Religion Faith of the Seven
Sommerset is the ancestral seat of House Oldflowers in the Reach. Lord Odhran Oldflowers is the current Lord of Sommerset.


Sommerset encompasses lands located southwest of Highgarden along the Mander River, which forms a portion of its northern border. Brightwater Keep sits to the west of Sommerset, with Honeyholt to the south, and Horn Hill to the east.

History Edit

Sommerset has always stood as the seat of House Oldflowers in the Reach. The land was gifted to Gawen Flowers, the natural son of Garth VII Gardener, also called Garth Goldenhand. Being the first bastard born to the Goldenhand during his exceptionally long reign, he eventually became known as Gawen Oldflowers to distinguish him from other, later bastard offspring.

Gawen proved to be a competent commander and administrator in his father's service, and was awarded the Lordship of Sommerset for his role in the campaign against the Ironborn in the Shield Islands.

Layout Edit


Sommerset lies just south of the Mander River, which encompasses a portion of the northen border of House Oldflowers' lands.

Gardens Edit

Arena and Circuit Edit

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