Lord of Rainwood
Simon Seaworth
Culture Andal (Stormlander)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 309 AC
Date of Death
Gifts None
Skills Sailing, Logistics, Fortifier, Cyvasse, Navigation
Negative Traits Ugly, Old
Liege Lyonel Baratheon
Spouse Irma Seaworth
Children Dale Seaworth
Relatives Ser Henry Seaworth (Brother)

Roslyn Baratheon, nee Seaworth (Sister)

Favoured Weapons Sword
Reddit Username /u/Rorschach113
Alternate Characters Howland Reed, Artys Baelish

Simon Seaworth is the current Lord of Rainwood.

Appearance Edit

Townsperson: Oh, he was a little guy... kinda funny lookin'. 

Marge: Uh-huh. In what way? 

Townsperson: Oh, just in a general kinda way.

— Fargo describes every character Steve Buscemi has ever played.

History Edit

An intelligent and serious man, Simon has been a loyal vassal to Lyonel Baratheon, and Renly Baratheon before him. Strongly supports Lyonel as King on the Iron Throne, and hopes to help him reunite the realm. A shrewd political player despite his distinct lack of charm or beauty. However he did marry for love, not power or allies. Is happily married to his mildly overweight wife Irma, who is the only person he knows to be able to match him at Cyvasse.

Simon Seaworth distinguished himself as a brilliant naval commander late in the 3rd Greyjoy Rebellion. Has also studied strategy for land battles. A mediocre swordsman even in his prime, he commands from the rear in battles.

Inherited the Lordship of Rainwood after his father's death in the opening naval battle of the 3rd Greyjoy Rebellion. In the final battle of the war, Simon captained the first Royal Navy ship to land on the shores of Pyke.

Has been friends with Axell Florent for over a decade.

Recent Events Edit

  • Born 309 AC
  • Inherited Lordship of Rainwood in 326 AC
  • Won several decisive victories against the Greyjoys in 326-327 AC
  • Married in 332 AC.
  • Tutored Lyonel Baratheon on military strategy from 353-359

Family Edit

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