Sigrin Volmark
Captain of the Black Widow
Culture Ironborn
Aliases -
Gender Male
Date of Birth 345 AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Ambidextrous
Skills Navigation, Dagger Proficiency
Negative Traits -
Liege Lord Lucas Harlaw
Spouse -
Children -
Relatives Lord Arryk Volmark

The Leviathan's Brood

Favoured Weapons Throwing knives, daggers
Reddit Username /u/Leviathan233
Alternate Characters

Sigrin Volmark is a scion of House Volmark. He and his men are sworn to House Harlaw. He is two-and-twenty years old.

History Edit

Sigrin was born to Rus Volmark and his wife Thalia Merlyn, in 345 AC. His father had always been a very large man, and Sigrin slightly followed suit. He has long dark hair, with a cropped beard to match. Thrown weapons became his forte, throwing knives in both hands quickly becoming a talent or skill he enjoyed showing off. His father, having taught him to swim and sail, he quickly learned his way around the islands. He became a renowned navigator and soon captained his own vessel in the Volmark fleet. The Black Widow named by his first lover aboard the ship. She was soon drowned, an offering to the Drowned God. His father's death in 367 left him without direction, as his brother Arryk ascended to lordship of Volmark. He saw limited action after Torric ascended to Kingship, and fought briefly in the war with the North.

Known Affiliations Edit

Member of the Grey Fleet.

Captain of the Black Widow.

Part of the Leviathan's Brood - a collective name for the Volmark children.

Vassal of Arryk Volmark who in turn is sworn to Lucas Harlaw.

Family Edit

  • Maron Volmark, His Great-Grandfather (43) (Deceased)
    • Asha Volmark, His Great-Aunt (63)
    • Joseran Volmark, His Grandfather (306 - 327AC)
      • Rus Volmark, His Father (321 - 367 AC)
        • Joseran Volmark, His Brother (341 - 359 AC)
        • Esgred Volmark, His Sister (26)
        • Arryk Volmark, His Brother(23)
        • Sigrin Volmark, Captain of the Black Widow (22)
        • Victarion Volmark, His Brother (19 )
        • Bedwyr Volmark, His Brother (18 )
        • Arwyn Volmark, His Sister (17)
      • Mara Volmark, His Aunt (324 - 360 AC)
      • Euron Volmark, His Uncle (326 - 327)
    • Brander Pyke, His Great-Uncle (56)
      • Ruadh, His Cousin (19)
      • Runa, His Cousin (17)
    • Erika Volmark, His Great-Aunt (53)

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