Benjen Locke
Kinght of House Locke
3967536 gal
Culture Northmen (First Men)
Aliases None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 319 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Martially Adept
Skills Swords, Logistics
Negative Traits None
Liege Lord Halgrim Locke
Spouse Talia Snow
Children Valmand Locke, His disowned son, a brigand

Talrand Locke, His Son

Relatives Lord Talrand Locke
Favoured Weapons A steel sword
Reddit Username /u/Thattallguyandy
Alternate Characters Ben is an NPC

Ser Benjen Locke is a Knight of House Locke and brother to the late Lord Talrand Locke. He is Nine-and-Forty years old, married to Lady Talia Snow, and has three sons, Valmund, Alistair, and Talrand.

Appearance Edit

Ben has grey hair and a peppered rough beard. He has bright blue eyes and laugh lines. He has a small scar on his forehead. Ben loves to laugh and is a very kind man.

History Edit

Benjen was born to Lord Mallys Locke along with his brother Talrand. Being the second born son, Ben knew he'd never rule. Instead he dedicated his life to becoming a night. At age 9, he squired for Ser Ravar Woods, who later knighted him at the age of 20. Ever since Ben has served as a loyal knight to House Locke. He continued this while his brother ruled Oldcastle and now that his brother's son rules. He loves Hal immensely and is extremely loyal.

Timeline Edit

319 AC- Benjen is born

328 AC- Benjen squires for Ser Ravar Woods

335 AC- Benjen is knighted

368 AC- Benjen accompanies Hal south with the Locke Host

Family Edit

  • {Lord Ondrew Locke}, Born 230 AC, Died 302 AC at age 72 of natural causes
    • His Lady Wife {Helena Locke nee Condon), His wife, died of natural causes
      • {Lord Mallys Locke}, Born 275 AC, Died 325 AC in a tourney accident       
        • {Lord Talrand Locke}, Born 300 AC, Died 368 AC, After a period of illness, (68)
          • His Lady Wife Alyssa Locke nee Woods, His wife (57)
            • -{Gregor Locke}, Born 336 AC, Died 341 AC after a fall
            • -Ser Rickard Locke, Born 336 AC, Twin to Gregor, Night’s Watch, (32)
            • Lord Halgrim Locke, Born 341 AC, Lord of Oldcastle, (28)
              • -His Lady Wife, {Astrid Locke nee Ashford}, Died due to complications due to childbirth
              • -Brandon Locke, A boy of four, Heir to Oldcastle
              • {Eddard Locke}- Died stillborn
        • Ser Benjen Locke, Born 319 AC, Hal’s Chief Adviser, (49)
          • His Lady Wife Talia Snow, (48)
          • His disowned son, Valmand Locke, a brigand (21)
          • His son, Ser Alistair (20)
          • His son, Talrand (17)

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