Septon Garth is a member of the Most Devout and the Small Council as a representative of the Faith.


History Edit

Childhood Edit

Garth Waxley was always noted for one things since his youth, his love for food. Certainly he was not a glutton by any means, he did not indulge in large and extravagent meals. But one could always find some snack or bit of food upon his person, even if it wasn't evident at first.

Born the fourth son of the house, it was an easy option for Lord Waxley to send the boy off to the Faith to be tutored there, though Garth would never forget going with his father on business trips regarding his family's prized candles, afterwards securing good deals with the faith to use his family's candles in many of their Septs.

Septoncy Edit

Septon Garth soon proved himself a valuable asset to the Faith, earning himself a seat on the Most Devout at the tender age of 23, although for much of the time he remained somewhat of an outcast, though a powerful one.

The Crowned One stated that he would never trust Garth, and that he would do his best to rid the Faith of men like him. Soon after though, Garth was made one of the Chief Representatives of the Faith and appointed to be Their Representative to the King and to sit on the Small Council. None cold guess as to why the High Septon had undergone a change of heart regarding the man.

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