Ser Ryam Serry is the firstborn son to Lord Gyles Serry and his wife Arwyn Hunt. He's a skilled swordsman and navigator, and his loyalties lies with King Alester of House Tyrell.

Ryam Serry
Heir to Southshield
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Culture Andal
Aliases Lord Maps
Gender Male
Date of Birth 345
Date of Death
Gifts Vitality
Skills Navigator, Swords, Average Sailing
Negative Traits None
Liege Alester Tyrell
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Alyce Serry

Edwyd Serry

Favoured Weapons Cutlass & Bastard sword
Reddit Username /u/Lirox
Alternate Characters None

Appearance Edit

Ryam Serry has his fathers brown hair and body, and his mother's olive-green eyes. With hair cut short and a well trimmed beard he walks with the chivalry of a Reachman. He's 6'0'' tall and well trained, and often carries either a cutlass or a bastard sword at his hip depending on the location.

History Edit

Ryam Serry was born as the first son and heir to Lord Gyles Serry of Southshield, and his spouse Lady Arwyn Hunt. He was raised away from the mainland, often finding joy in navigating through the Shield Islands. In his youth, Ryam could spend an endless amount of hours crouched up over old maps of his future Island and its surroundings, earning him the nickname Lord Maps. Around the same time that he began to squire, Ryam's parents had their third child, and he would spend much time playing with his several years younger siblings as they grew up. He became a good Swordsman during his time as a squire, but he could never really lose the restlessness that fell onto him as he grew too large and too bold to be contained by the Island. At his eighteenth name day, when he was no longer a squire, Ryam was given command of one of his fathers ships for the first time. Since that day, he knew that his true calling was as a Captain.

Ryam had his first real experience of danger when he was twenty. After he had been riding around Southshield with his former mentor, he came across a camp of Pirates who had stopped to rest. A battle commenced, and Ryam slayed two foes before the remaining retreated to their boats, only to later be sailed down by the Southern Rose on the waves.

When the Hightowers rose in Rebellion against Alester Tyrell, Ryam's father joined with House Tyrell to attempt to quell the rebellion. Unluckily, Gyles was severely wounded and was forced to return to Southshield. Because of the severe state of his father, it fell on Ryam to lead the Serry men when Alester called his banners to the east.

Recent Events Edit

Ryam Serry joined up with King Alester Tyrell on his march East.

Family Edit

  • Gyles Serry, His Father, Lord of Southshield
  • Arwyn Hunt, His Mother
    • Ryam Serry (23), Heir to Southshield
    • Alyce Serry, His Younger Sister
    • Edwyd Serry, His Younger Brother

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