Shieldmaiden at Hammerhorn
Culture Ironborn
Aliases None
Gender Female
Date of Birth 346 AC
Date of Death N/A
Gifts Agility
  • Swordsmanship (Level: Outstanding)
  • Shield Proficiency (Level: Outstanding)
  • Negative Traits None
    Liege Lord Rodrik Goodbrother
    Spouse None
    Children None
    Relatives None
    Favoured Weapons
  • Sword
  • Reddit Username /u/Fall_is_Awsome
    Alternate Characters
  • Marissa Lannister
  • Alerie Tyrell
  • Alayne Baelish
  • Rosey is an Ironborn Shield-Maiden originally from a village along the coast of Cape Kraken.


    Rosey was born twenty-one years ago, at a village of the shores of Cape Kraken. Despite her upbringing, Rosey was a warrior from a young age and begun training with a sword and shield when she could, often cutting her hair as short as a boys and giving off a more manly look. She progressed this way until she was thirteen, when a surprise Ironborn Raid had her and her sisters taken as salt wives.

    Shortly after, Rosey got pregnant with child, and nine months later gave birth to a stillborn child. The Iron Islands were harsh, and she had to make her own way in life. Briefly after her stillbirth, Rosey killed her husband who had taken her as a salt wife, opening his throat during the midst of the night when he had forgotten to lock his blade away.

    Shortly after, with the help of a friend, Rosey escaped captivity, but stayed in the Iron Islands. With help from the locals, and even participating in two finger dances, Rosey once again started learning the way of the sword and shield, favoring that over the traditional ironborn axe.

    Appearance: Edit

    Slim and fair of hair, Rosey could be considered more pretty than beautiful. Her chest is flat, her waist thin, though she possesses a keen ability to dodge and weave, which helps her in the thick of battle. Her eyebrows are thick, and her hair a light brown. She carries a shortsword, a longsword, knife, and a shield on her person at virtually all times. She wears chainmail under leather, and prefers not to wear any heavy armor.

    Timeline: Edit

    346 AC: Rosey is born

    352 AC: Rosey is first introduced to the sword

    359 AC: Rosey’s village is raided, and she is taken as a salt wife.

    360 AC - Third Moon: Rosey gives birth to a stillborn daughter, which she names Jacelyn.

    360 AC - Seventh Moon: Rosey kills her husband with a knife, opening his throat in the midst of night.

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