Roryn Tawney
Lord of Nettlebank
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Lord of Nettlebank
Culture Ironborn
Aliases None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 320 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Once Strong
Skills Sword Proficiency, Sabotage, Navigation, Torture
Negative Traits Maimed, Right Leg Amputated
Liege Iron King Torric Greyjoy
Spouse Asta Tawney, nee Harlaw
Children Kára Tawney

Rúna Tawney Hlora Pyke Katha Pyke Sarva Pyke

Favoured Weapons Sword, Flail, Whip
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

Roryn Tawney is the Lord of House Tawney and Nettlebank.


With hard, angular features weathered and worn by years at sea, Roryn Tawney is not what one would consider a handsome man. His face is unshaven, his hair uncut, though kept restrained by a single thick plait as both Tawney men and women are partial to braids. He stands some 6'0" tall, with broad shoulders and a barrel chest.


Lord Roryn bore no sons over the years, to either rock or salt wives, but seemed none the worse for lack of male issue. His daughters were born and raised at Nettlebank--perhaps due in some small part to the lack of a mother’s presence in their life--much in way that any surrogate son might have been. The sisters Tawney took to the seas at an early age and were encouraged to become warriors in their own right, defying the standard for Ironborn gender roles.

Known AffiliationsEdit

Captain of Wavebreaker.

House Tawney has sworn fealty to Torric Greyjoy.

Recent EventsEdit

Following an injury at the Battle of the Dreadfort, Lord Tawney's gangrenous leg must be amputated, rendering him land-locked for the time being.

Due to his recent state of health, Roryn Tawney sends his daughters in his stead to Castamere to support Torric Greyjoy.


  • 299 AC - House Tawney supports Victarion Greyjoy at the Kingsmoot.
  • 325 AC - Balon Tawney the Elder dies during the Third Greyjoy Rebellion.
  • 325 AC - Balon the Younger becomes Lord of Nettlebank.
  • 344 AC - Kára Tawney born.
  • 345 AC - Roryn Tawney takes a salt wife.
  • 346 AC - Rúna Tawney born.
  • 346 AC - Asta Tawney dies some months later from complications associated with childbirth.
  • 347 AC - Hlóra Pyke born.
  • 348 AC - Balon Tawney dies, Roryn Tawney becomes Lord of Nettlebank.
  • 348 AC - Kátha Pyke born.
  • 349 AC - Sárva Pyke born.
  • 359 AC - Gevin Tawney’s ship, Wavebreaker, sinks in a storm, all hands lost.
  • 367 AC - Roryn Tawney takes an arrow to the knee at the Battle of the Dreadfort. The wound becomes gangrenous, and his right leg is amputated.
  • 367 AC - Roryn Tawney continues to show his support for Torric Greyjoy by sending ships to his liege’s aid as necessary, including those commanded by his daughters in his stead.


  • Balon Tawney, Father [deceased]
  • Asha Orkwood, Mother [deceased]
    • Roryn Tawney, Lord of Nettlebank [b.320]
    • Asta Harlaw, Wife [deceased]
      • Kára Tawney, Daughter [b. 344]
      • Rúna Tawney, Daughter [b. 346]
      • Hlora Pyke, Bastard Daughter [b.347]
      • Kátha Pyke, Bastard Daughter [b. 348]
      • Sárva Pyke, Bastard Daughter [b. 349]
    • Gevin Tawney, Brother [deceased]
    • Gwin Blacktyde, Sister-in-Law
      • Alannys Tawney, Niece [b. 345]
      • Harrys Pyke, Bastard Nephew [b. 346]

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