Rohanne Marbrand (nee Lannister) is the wife of Lord Aethan Marbrand and Lady of Ashemark.

Rohanne Marbrand nee Lannister
Lady of Ashemark
Culture Westerman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 340 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Negative Traits
Liege King Lucion Lannister
Spouse Lord Aethan Marbrand
Children Kyla and Damon
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

Appearance Edit

Rohanne, boasting the well known Lannister genes, has wavy blonde hair that falls just below her breasts and dark emerald eyes. Her build is small; waist, height and chest alike. She stands just above 5'5".

History Edit

She was born in 340 AC to ______ Lannister and _______.

Wed to Aethan Marbrand in 360 AC.

Birthed her first child, Kyla Marbrand, in 362 AC.

Birthed her second child, Damon Marbrand, in 365 AC.

Currently in Ashemark where she tends to both Kyla and Damon.

Family Edit

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