Rodrik Goodbrother
Lord of Hammerhorn
Culture Ironborn
Aliases None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 343 AC
Date of Death N/A
Gifts Leadership 3
  • Swordsmanship (Level: Outstanding)
  • Espionage
  • Negative Traits None
    Liege King Torric Greyjoy
    Spouse None
    Children None
  • Wex Goodbrother
  • Rus Goodbrother
  • Favoured Weapons
  • Sword
  • Manipulation
  • Reddit Username /u/RodrikGoodbrother
    Alternate Characters
  • Harold Snow
  • Bronn Blackwater
  • Rodrik Goodbrother is the current Lord of Hammerhorn and head of House Goodbrother.

    Appearance and Character Edit

    Rodrik is a man of average height and slender with golden-brown eyes and dark brown hair. He maintains a thick, though well-kept beard to conceal any expression betrayed by his lips.

    Though much preferring a life of intrigue, he dresses and acts the part of a military commander with very few knowing otherwise.

    History Edit

    Rodrik Goodbrother was born in 343 AC to Aeron Goodbrother. The second of four eventual sons, Rodrik and his brothers received the customary Ironborn military education, though it was stories of Euron Greyjoy which captivated Rodrik in his youth.

    Fancying himself as the next ‘Crow’s Eye’, he recruited his fellow friends as spies, spying on his ‘enemies’ and causing mischief around Hammerhorn and Pyke. In his spare time, he sat with the Spymasters, learning whatever knowledge they were prepared to give him.

    A large portion of Rodrik’s childhood was spent in Pyke with his father. Exactly what Aeron’s business was on Pyke, he did not know, though Rodrik used the opportunities to befriend a young Harren Greyjoy and included him in his various plots around the Iron Isles.

    While Rodrik Goodbrother had good relationships with his younger brothers, he and Urras constantly argued and fought. Regardless of what happened, it was clear that the two oldest brothers were enemies. Their differences were temporarily put aside however when Rodrik was appointed spymaster for Hammerhorn. From there, his influence grew around Great Wyk and he acquired notable spies such as Ravella.

    When Urras Goodbrother died under unusual circumstances Rodrik inherited the Lordship of Hammerhorn.

    Recent Events Edit

    It is revealed that Rodrik, with the help of Ravella, poisoned his brother Urras after discovering his plans to crown himself High King of the Iron Islands. Urras' death leads to Rodrik inheriting the Lordship of Hammerhorn [1].

    Family Edit

    • His father, Aeron Goodbrother, (314 - 362), Lord of Hammerhorn
    • His mother, Arwyn Orkmont (323 - 365)
      • His eldest brother, Urras Goodbrother (339 - 367), Lord of Hammerhorn
      • His younger brother, Wex Goodbrother (b. 345)
      • His youngest brother, Rus Goodbrother (b. 347)

    References Edit

    1. Good Brothers

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