Robin Kestrel is the first son and heir of House Kestrel of the Crownlands. His family are bannermen of House Targaryen and their seat is Rosby. He is ten-and-nine years old.

History Edit

Robin, grandson of the Lord of Rosby, was born to his heir in 348AC. His father's wish for him was to be a military strategist and a fierce warrior, but his grandfather had the power and decided against it. Sheer strength could bring their House to have more lands, but Lord Duram knew that Court Strength could give them much more. It was from there on that Robin spent his time with the councillors, learning the arts of diplomacy, stewardship and intrigue.

While his twin cousins were groomed in the yard, he was taught inside. When he learned about division, his cousins learned how to parry and riposte. While he learned how to dance with the females of the court, his cousins learned the sword dance with the males of the court.

At the same time, he was taught the art of the open-handed warfare. Even though diplomacy and intrigue could save one's life, Robin had to be capable of fighting on his own, especially when scheming and treachery is spread out in Westeros. He couldn't be sure he won't be assaulted with a dagger by a commoner, or an assassin. Because of this reason alone, his father finally got to teach him something. He taught him the way one fights with his body alone, in order to deal with multiple armed enemies at ease.

At the time of training, both inside and outside, he found out he had a natural gift. He was capable of using both hands for different things at ease and similarly. It meant good news, as his movements were swifter, in better sync and motion. He could easily surprise people using that. It wasn't a curse, but a blessing.

As he grew, his muscles started showing. His body was slender and muscular, fitting a dancer... or an empty-handed warrior. His appearance easily showed him as harmless and sweet to the people of Rosby.

Timeline Edit

  • 283 AC - Lord Duram was born.
  • 293 AC - Duram was taken to Lord Gyles of Rosby's castle.
  • 300 AC - Lord Gyles died of natural causes.
  • 303 AC - Ser Duram became Lord Duram of Rosby.
  • 309 AC - Devan, firstborn of Duram, was born.
  • 317 AC - Gyles, second born son of Duram, was born.
  • 340 AC - Ronald and Tomas Kestrel, twin sons of Gyles, were born.
  • 348 AC - Robin was born.
  • 352 AC - Kyra, Robin's sister, was born.

Family Edit

  • Devan Kestrel, His Father, Lord of Rosby (58)
  • Matrice Edgerton, His Mother
    • Robin Kestrel (19)
    • Kyra Kestrel, His Sister (15)
  • Gyles Kestrel, His Uncle (50)
  • Sarra Hayford, His Aunt
    • Ronald Kestrel, His Cousin (27)
    • Tomas Kestrel, His Cousin (27)

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