Rhaella Velaryon is the younger sister of Viserys Velaryon, Lord of Driftmark and head of House Velaryon. Her family are bannermen to House Targaryen. She is seven-and ten years old.

History Edit

Born to Daeron Velaryon and his wife(which has no name apparently), she came out to be the second eldest in the family. As a child she was always active, enjoyed a good climb on any tall rock and tree, and was quite the trouble maker. As the years went by, her climbing habits didn't stop, Rhaella looked quite athletic, strong legs and arms from pulling and pushing herself higher, and pretty flexible to reach the far points.

She eventually grew a liking in dancing and singing, often keeping to a more soft and soothing voice, but she could pull off a strong one too. Her dancing... well it wasn't all that great in the beginning, she often tripped on her dress or stepped on some ones foot, but it was all erased, and she perfected it within time and training. Rhaella became quite the attraction at parties, moving graciously across the dance floor, some times it brought to much attention, to the point where she would stop due to becoming shy.

Appearance Edit

Rhaella has the usual silver hair that passes her shoulders and probably reaches the small of her back. Her eyes are of a violet color and her skin fairly white. As she is only 17, most of her features are untouched and soft, no wrinkles. She has an athletic physique, strong legs and arms from climbing.

Timeline Edit

  • 350 AC: Rhaella was born.
  • 357 AC: Youngest brother born.
  • 360 AC: Nearly dies after falling from one of her climbs.
  • 366 AC: Daeron Velaryon dies.
  • 367 AC: She is betrothed to Matarys Celtigar.

Family Edit

  • Her Father, Daeron Velaryon, Lord of Driftmark (Deceased)
  • Her Mother
    • Her Older Brother, {Viserys Velaryon} (22), Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark. 
    • Rhaella Velaryon (19)
    • Her Younger Brother, Aenys Velaryon (11), the young Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark.

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