Return of the Wolf
Date 367 AC - Ongoing
Location The North
Result Undetermined
Stark Loyalists Bolton Loyalists
Brandon Stark, Yvaine Umber, Styr Karstark, Sigorn Karstark, Torrhen Karstark, Marek Mollen, Renton Ryswell Roose Bolton

Edderion Bolton Domeric Dustin Harold Snow Rodrik Ryswell

Styr Karstark, Torrhen Karstark Roose Bolton, Domeric Dustin, Harold Snow

The Return of the Wolf is an ongoing military conflict fought between the loyalist forces of Brandon Stark, the loyalist forces of Roose Bolton.

The conflict unofficially started when Brandon Stark landed on Northern land with the intent to press his claim on the North. It officially started on the day that Brandon was wed to Wynona Manderly, winning Manderly support for his cause.

Background Edit

Brandon Stark, seeking to press his ancestral claim arrived in the North after a voyage by ship from Skagos. Once he arrives he begins to seek allies, starting with the Karstark and the Umbers. Shortly after he heads to White Harbour to treat with Wyllas Manderly. A deal is made to gain Manderly support and is sealed with the marriage between Brandon Stark and Wynona Manderly.

Distaste with the Bolton regime and the failures of Lord Paramount Roose Bolton greatly weakened the North and led to The Ironborn Invasion of the North and the Battle of the Bogs. The Battle of the Bogs resulted in many northern lords, including Roose Bolton and his heir being captured by the Ironborn. This led to widespread disorder within the North, where many renounced support to the Boltons.

Further discord occurred during the The Assault on the Dreadfort, upon which Harold Snow, seemingly took the wealth of the Dreadfort and fled. Leaving the defenders to rebell, leaving the castle abandoned.

Significant Events Edit

Marching with the Mermen Edit

Having secured Manderly support and announced his claim over the North. Brandon Stark prepares to move with Manderly forces to secure Winterfell and rally with Umber and Karstark loyalists to plan their next move. Brandon sends White Harbour forces equipped with aid and supplies to secure the Dreadfort and help the refugees.

Death of Roose Bolton Edit

- Exchange in Barrowton ends with the death of Roose Bolton, indirectly caused by Domeric Dustin.

- News spreads quickly.

Winning the North Edit

- Treating with the Glovers

- Treating with the Ryswells

- Edderion's Movements

Murder in the Barrows Edit

- Murder of Styr Karstark

- Skirmish at Barrowton

Second Battle of Barrowton Edit

- Movement of Armies

- Death of Torrhen and Domeric

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