Healer at Hammerhorn
Jessica parker kennedy study by sharandula-d88razn
Culture Ironborn
Gender Female
Date of Birth 342
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Skills Alchemy, Torturing, Literacy
Negative Traits Infertile
Liege Lord Rodrik Goodbrother
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Favoured Weapons Daggers
Reddit Username /u/ravella
Alternate Characters Nymeria Martell

Yvaine Umber Sarrah Vikary

Ravella is a lowborn woman from Harlaw, daughter of a thrall, granddaughter of a Meereenese slave taken from Slaver's Bay during the Battle of Meereen. She is 25 years old and the healer and information extractor for Lord Rodrik Goodbrother.

Appearance Edit

Her curse as much as her gift, Ravella is considered extremely beautiful even for Westerosi standards, with wide slanted eyes, a small nose, pouted pink lips, and lustrous curly hair noted of Meereenese women. She's only 5'2", and following a session behind the whip, her back is horribly scarred. Like most Ironborn women she takes to wearing breeches below a tunic, belted tight, a dagger at her hip and on her thigh.

History Edit

Daughter of a thrall, granddaughter of a Meereenese slave, Ravella knew her family's heritage like most children knew bedtime stories, yet never listened to them the day she was taken as a salt-wife by Faeryn Saltcliffe at age 14. Along with his other salt wives, Ravella spent years as little more than a slave, teaching herself to read while her salt-husband took other girls to his bed.

The first five times she fell with child she stayed her pregnancy with moon tea; alchemy and women's magic was an old trade in her family. Saltcliffe discovered her stores of pennyroyal, flogged her half to death, and destroyed her ingredients. By the time her sister-wife Rosey killed the man in his sleep, Ravella took as much tansy oil as she could manage, effectively killing her 7 month pregnancy and rendering herself gladly infertile. Ravella emptied Saltcliffe's stores of gold and treasure, and gave a small share to Rosey for her efforts.

Upon arriving at Pyke, she purchased a home with the coin she stole, and began selling her trades as a healer and occasionally as a whore. She gained a solid reputation through the use of her healing tonics, teas, brews, and poultices, though only few knew of her proclivity to take dying men for her experimentation. She opened them wide while they still lived and practiced torture beyond wandering eyes. Her hatred for men, especially the raiders like her father and her salt-husband, tainted her work as a healer; it was rare that the dying sailors who came to her doors ever left on two feet.

Ravella was first noticed by Aemon Greyjoy when she created an ointment for a number of burns. She was taken on as his whore in Pyke castle, and pretended to be simple-minded and dull. Rodrik Greyjoy employed her as a spy in Pyke, and with three sources of income, Ravella only grew more greedy. By the time Aemon was killed three years after she was first employed by him, almost immediately after news of Queen Daenerys' death spread, Ravella knew her time in Pyke was up, and escaped for her own safety. She returned to Rodrik Goodbrother, now her only employer, to work as Hammerhorn's healer and torturer.

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