Rúna Tawney
Scion of Nettlebank
Scion of Nettlebank
Culture Ironborn
Aliases None
Gender Female
Date of Birth 346 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Agility
Skills Sailing, Bow Proficiency, Singing
Negative Traits None
Liege Iron King Torric Greyjoy
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Roryn Tawney

Kára Tawney Hlora Pyke Katha Pyke Sarva Pyke

Favoured Weapons Bow and Arrows, Whip, Scourge
Reddit Username /u/RunaTawney
Alternate Characters Cassana Tully Belѐn Aia Rohanne Oldflowers

Rúna Tawney is the second daughter and the youngest legitimate child born to Lord Roryn Tawney and his wife, Asta of House Harlaw, in the year 346.


She is the spitting image of her mother at the same age. Light blonde hair has been bleached further by the sun and salt-sea air and is kept restrained by a myriad of braids, long locks twisted and plaited back out of her face, as is a tradition practised among Tawney women, though individual tastes and needs bring variation on the style. Her eyes are likewise pale, save for the deep blue that frames irises otherwise grey, each hue bleeding over into the other.


Looks were all that she really knew of the woman who’d given birth to her, the striking resemblance noted not by her father--who rarely spoke of his wife--but by her aunt. Rúna’s mother had taken ill just before her delivery; a weakened state that she never recovered from. Bringing the babe into the world had taken a toll on the woman, but she held on for weeks afterwards, encouraging hope of her recovery, only to eventually pass while she slept.

Lord Roryn bore no sons over the years, to either rock or salt wives, but seemed none the worse for lack of male issue. His daughters were born and raised at Nettlebank--perhaps due in some small part to the lack of a mother’s presence in their life--much in way that any surrogate son might have been. The sisters Tawney took to the seas at an early age and were encouraged to become warriors in their own right, defying the standard for Ironborn gender roles.

While Kára took to the sword and shield, Rúna always favored the bow and once Roryn realized her true proficiency with it, did not discourage her from its use in lieu of other weaponry. The agile young woman was well-suited to archery, her proficiency honed through daily practise. Practise that, over the years, has toned and added muscle to a slender frame, one that might have been described as tall and lanky at 5’7” otherwise: widening shoulders, strengthening arms, chest, and back.

Known AffiliationsEdit

Captain of The Valkyrja.

House Tawney has sworn fealty to Torric Greyjoy.

Recent EventsEdit

Following an injury at the Battle of the Dreadfort, Lord Tawney's gangrenous leg must be amputated, rendering him land-locked for the time being. With his state of health declining, Roryn Tawney sends his daughters in his stead to Castamere to support Torric Greyjoy.

Rúna Tawney is among the captains chosen to journey to Oldstones in the Riverlands to face the dragon, Viserion, along with her sister, Kára Tawney, and others, such as Svenrir Farwynd, and Arryk Volmark. Her crew remains behind with the ship docked in Lannister ports. [1]

While en route to the Riverlands with the Lannister host, Rúna chances upon Jaime Jast just outside of the encampment. One thing leads to another: a book is stolen, a punch is thrown, and a grappling match ensues, only to culminate in Ser Jast being unfaithful to his betrothed. [2]

The group of ironborn and Lannister men converge on the Golden Tooth at the invitation of Lord Lefford, feasting and drinking as his guests. With plenty of pride to go around the table, a drinking contest begins, complete with hefty wagers between Rúna, her sister, Farwynd, Volmark, Ser Jast, Ser Kenning, and the lion king himself, Lucion Lannister. Rúna uses the three-headed lion clasp she picked off of Jast earlier in their travels as her wager; her sister bets, and loses, her ship. [3]

A hangover is not the only thing that follows Rúna the morning after the feast at the Golden Tooth. Arryk Volmark returns the wager she lost to Farwynd, picked from his unconscious form's pocket. Such gifts breed misunderstanding and frustration, but end with a kiss. [4] At breakfast later that same morning, she and her sister quarrel. Kára storms off without a word, abandoning her tent to Rúna and Volmark, who make good use of their time alone. [5] So begins their courtship according to Arryk, though when the eldest Tawney returns to catch the two in the act, she has other ideas entirely. [6]

With her sister disapproving of the potential match, she is forbidden from seeing Volmark in any private capacity. With tensions high, Rúna takes her frustrations out with a bit of practise with her whip. When Arryk turns up, verbal sparring leads to the whip being wrapped about his neck--as nothing more than a threat, which he returns in kind. Having reached an understanding, things seem settled until Kára catches the end of their conversation and blows up. With her sword thrown at Volmark's back, he is running for his encampment, ordering his bosun to keep any Tawney--or their men--out. Rúna chases after, but is faced with Janos' axe and is kept from Arryk. [7]

At Riverrun, Rúna tries to forget the sheer madness of the journey from the Westerlands, shifting her focus instead to preparing for the battle that lay ahead. [8]


  • 299 AC - House Tawney supports Victarion Greyjoy at the Kingsmoot.
  • 325 AC - Balon Tawney the Elder dies during the Third Greyjoy Rebellion.
  • 325 AC - Balon the Younger becomes Lord of Nettlebank.
  • 344 AC - Kára Tawney born.
  • 345 AC - Roryn Tawney takes a salt wife.
  • 346 AC - Rúna Tawney born.
  • 346 AC - Asta Tawney dies some months later from complications associated with childbirth.
  • 347 AC - Hlóra Pyke born.
  • 348 AC - Balon Tawney dies, Roryn Tawney becomes Lord of Nettlebank.
  • 348 AC - Kátha Pyke born.
  • 349 AC - Sárva Pyke born.
  • 359 AC - Gevin Tawney’s ship, Wavestrider, sinks in a storm, all hands lost.
  • 367 AC - Roryn Tawney takes an arrow to the knee at the Battle of the Dreadfort. The wound becomes gangrenous, and his leg is amputated.
  • 367 AC - Roryn Tawney continues to show his support for Torric Greyjoy by sending ships to his liege’s aid as necessary, including those commanded by his daughters in his stead.


  • Balon Tawney, Grandfather [deceased]
  • Asha Orkwood, Grandmother [deceased]
    • Roryn Tawney, Father
    • Asta Harlaw, Mother [deceased]
      • Kára Tawney, Sister and Heir of Nettlebank [b. 344]
      • Rúna Tawney, Scion of Nettlebank [b. 346]
      • Hlora Pyke, Half-Sister [b.347]
      • Kátha Pyke, Half-Sister [b. 348]
      • Sárva Pyke, Half-Sister [b. 349]
    • Gevin Tawney, Uncle [deceased]
    • Gwin Blacktyde, Aunt
      • Alannys Tawney, Cousin [b. 345]
      • Harrys Pyke, Bastard Cousin [b. 346]

References Edit


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