Lord of Feastfires
Philibert Prester
Philibert Prester
Culture Westerman (Andal)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 352
Date of Death
Gifts Vitality
Skills Swords, Climbing
Negative Traits None
Liege Lucion Lannister
Relatives Obella Estren

Garrison Prester Janos Prester Edmure Prester

Favoured Weapons Sword and Shield
Reddit Username /u/majorflaesk
Alternate Characters
Lord Prester is the eldest son of Geremy Prester and is the current lord of Feastfires. He is 15 years of age.

History Edit

Philibert is the firstborn son of the late lord Geremy Prester and his wife Obella Estren. Lord Philibert always enjoyed working with his body and spends a lot of time at the docks assisting the sailors with the loading and unloading their ships. When he is not working he usually climbs the cliffs by the sea or practice his swordmanship. The manual labor along with his healthy outdoor lifestyle has given Philibert the vitality and endurance that has always represented his House words, "Tireless".

At the age of twelve Philibert started squiring for his uncle, Ser Janos Prester, and quickly learned the art of swordmanship. Janos taught him how to fight honorably and with persistence. It is always wiser to tire your opponent rather than taking risky maneuvers. Philibert has never himself fought in a tourney or met an enemy in battle, but he feels most comfortable with a sword in hand.

Philibert became Lord of Feastfires at the age of eight when his father died. Obella served as Lady Regent of Feastfires until Philiberts fourteenth nameday. He has served the last year. Although inexperienced, he has a few trustworthy men as council to teach him how to lead and manage his lands. Among them is his Maester and his uncle Janos, the knight.

Appearance Edit

Philibert is of average height with broad shoulders. His toned muscular build makes him appear older than his age, even though he is not yet fully grown. He has light brown hair and pale green eyes. His voice is smooth and appealing.

Family Edit

  • Lord Garrison Prester - Deceased
  • Unknown wife - Deceased
    • Lord Geremy Prester - Deceased
    • Obella Estren (45)
      • Lord Philibert Prester (15)
      • Garrison Prester (12)
  • Ser Janos Prester
  • Ser Forley Prester, cousin of Lord Garrison Prester - Deceased
  • Unknown wife - Deceased
    • Ser Edmure Prester

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