Oswald is a commoner from the Riverlands and the head of the criminal syndicate known as the Rogues

Head of the Rogues Gallery
Culture Andal (Riverlands)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 330 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership 3
Skills Espionage, Logistics, Dagger Proficiency, Literacy, Drinkmaster
Negative Traits Maimed (leg)
Relatives Tucker (father)

Esther (mother)

Favoured Weapons Dagger
Reddit Username /u/MafiosoOswald
Alternate Characters Olyvar Manwoody, Ronnel Arryn


History Edit

Oswald was born in 330 AC to two smallfolk named Tucker and Esther in a small town in the Riverlands. From a young age, his parents had told him that they were descended from a cadet branch of House Mooton, and they had been cheated out of a life of comfort (OOC this is not true, but he believes it is). However, for all their complaining, his parents never did anything. So, when he was 15 years old, Oswald ran away from home to make himself into a lord. It was then he realized he had no way to support himself, and turned to a life of crime. He would steal and commit petty crimes, making contacts and eventually moving up in the criminal community. During one of these jobs he was caught, and a guard broke his left leg. His partners helped him escape, but the leg never healed right, and he has required a cane to walk ever since. Oswald used his contacts to create a criminal network of interesting characters from all over, which he called the Rouges Gallery. He manages many different operations from his base, the Inn at the Crossroads, which he obtained through technically legal methods. It was during this time that he also "coerced" a maester to teach him to read and write. As one can imagine, Oswald has made many enemies in his criminal exploits. Because of this, he always keeps a dagger hidden on his person. Oswald is looking to take advantage of the current discord in the realm. However, whether that means more criminal activity or using his network to help one side or the other remains to be seen.

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