Order of the Eastern Mission
Abbreviations OEM
Founding Date Unkown
Vowed Members N/A
Current Leader Septon Dariol
Home Sept Sept-Beyond-The-Sea
Charisms Missions work, Tending the Poor
Garb Rose Vestments
Seats on the Most Devout N/A

The Order of the Eastern Mission is an ancient one, dedicated to the revitalization of the Faith in Essos and beyond. It is composed of Septons, Septas, Begging Brothers, Brown brothers, and Brown Sisters.

History Edit

The Order of the Eastern Mission is said to have been founded two hundred years after the conquest of Westeros by the Andals with the goal of suring of the weakening Andal kingdoms in Essos. Though this kingdoms eventually fell into complete disarray the Order continued. It is the second largest order in the Faith, though it has the least number of Septs to its name, the majority of these scattered here and there throughout Essos.

The Order lost much of its power after the fall of the last Andal Kingdom in Essos, most of its Septs burned, destroyed, or converted into R'hllor temples. It still has kept hold of a few Septs scattered throughout the Eastern Continent, most notable the Sept-beyond-the-Sea in the city of Braavos, from which the Order is based. They are most widely known for their missionary work and for bringing aid to the poorest of the poor.

Though radical elements of the Order have pushed for the reconquest of Essos as opposed to conversion, these factions have never been a major voice in the Order, though after the ascendency of the High Sparrow and the destruction of much of the leadership of the other Orders, what was once a quiet minority is quickly becoming a vocal majority.

Beliefs & Charisms Edit

The goal of the Order is to bring the Faith back to power in Essos by means of missionary work. The few Septries and Motherhouses they have in Westeros are centres of education for the training of missionaries to be sent to Essos, as well as a means of income to fund such missions. They wear simple rose-coloured robes and often spurn fine robes unless they are raised to a high position or granted stay in one of the Order's few Septs.

The Order also makes tending to the poor a chief priority, its members seen out in the streets more often than in the Sept or conducting services.

Though the Order has officially always maintained that its goal is to restore the power of the Faith to Essos only, there is a growing and vocal section of it who have called for the reconquest of Essos by the faithful.

Notable Members Edit

Septon Dariol, Grand Missionary of the Order

High Septon Terrance, High Septon

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