Olyvar Manwoody is the Lord of Kingsgrave.

History Edit

Olyvar Manwoody
Lord of Kingsgrave
Culture Rhoynar/Andal


Aliases none
Gender Male
Date of Birth 346 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Ambidextrous
Skills Alchemy, Polearms, Navigator
Negative Traits
Liege Prince Doran Martell
Spouse Lady Joy Selmy (deceased)
Children Dickon Manwoody

Arianne Manwoody

Relatives Mors Manwoody (father, deceased)

Jayne Ladybright (mother, deceased)

Dickon Manwoody (uncle, deceased)

Edric Sand (cousin)

Favoured Weapons Spear, poison
Reddit Username /u/ACfan72
Alternate Characters Ronnel Arryn, Oswald

Born in 346 AC to Lord Mors Manwoody and Jayne Ladybright, Olyvar was said from a young age to have the look of the Salty Dornish. He was trained from birth to take up the mantle of Lord of Kingsgrave. The master-at-arms, Ser Garrison Fowler, taught him how to fight with a spear, how to shoot a bow, and how to ride a horse in the Dornish fashion. It was during this training that it was discovered that Olyvar was able to use his left hand just as well as his right. However, a lord needs to know more than just how to fight, and so he studied with Maester Ossifer and Septon Tristan about a great many things. One day, while reading in the castle library, Olyvar discovered some books on the subject of alchemy which interested him. He picked up the study of alchemy, and continued to research it in his free time. His father died in 364 AC, and Olyvar became Lord of Kingsgrave. Later that year he married Joy Selmy in an attempt to strengthen the relationship with the marcher lords. They have a son and a daughter, Dickon, who was born in 365, and Arianne, who was born just before the death of Queen Daenerys.

Recent Events Edit

Olyvar traveled to the Coucil of Starfall to meet with the Dornish lords to discuss what to do in the current conflict. Afterwards, he escorted Princess Nymeria and Lady Cerenna Blackmont back to Sunspear. His wife died the day he returned to Kingsgrave, and he held a funeral for her. When a letter sent from Sunspear asking for help to defend against pirates arrived, Olyvar left with 500 men to answer the call.

Discouraged by the Prince's response, Olyvar traveled to Skyreach with Quentyn Yronwood in order to marry Lord Fowler's daughter.

Quotes Edit




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