Olenna Tyrell
Princess of the Reach
Olenna Tyrell
Culture Reachman
Aliases Princess of the Rock
Gender Female
Date of Birth 352 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Skills Horse-riding, Singing
Negative Traits
Liege Alester Tyrell
Spouse Martyn Lannister
Children Leyla Lannister
Relatives Luthor Tyrell

Leo Tyrell Alerie Tyrell Lyanne Tyrell

Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/abundleofroses
Alternate Characters

Olenna Tyrell is a member of House Tyrell, and wife of Prince Martyn Lannister. Following her brother's call for independence from the Iron Throne, she is titled Princess of the Reach.

Appearance Edit

Olenna is described as beautiful, with chestnut brown hair, and an outgoing disposition.

History Edit

Olenna grew up alongside family, as well as her cousin Alerie Tyrell. She grew to be charismatic and outgoing, not going a moment without voicing her opinion.

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

During the Feast of Harrenhal, Olenna and Martyn Lannister shared a brief relationship, and was later kidnapped by Gerion Lannister, who planned to have his youngest son wed to her as soon as possible. When Gerion was slain by Lucion Lannister, Olenna, as well as Marissa and Martyn, escaped Casterly Rock, where the landed in Oldtown not long after, making immediate way for Highgarden.

After returning to Highgarden, Olenna and Martyn wed in a short ceremony. Olenna was soon with child, and following their return to Casterly Rock with Martyn and his sister, Marissa, she gave birth to her first child, named Leyla Lannister.

Timeline Edit

  • 352 AC: Olenna Tyrell is born to Lord Harlen Tyrell and his wife Olene Fossoway.
  • 357 AC: Alerie Tyrell becomes Olenna's lady in waiting, the two grow rather close.
  • 366 AC: An outbreak of the Bloody Flux kills her older brother and father.
  • 367 AC: Olenna attends the Council of Harrenhal with her brother Alester Tyrell, she meets Martyn Lannister there starting the chain of events that would lead to her disappearance. Eventually she, Martyn, and Marissa would make their escape. With in that same year she married Martyn and is now with child.

Family Edit

  • Willas Tyrell, Her Grandfather, Lord Paramount of the Reach (Deceased)
  • Desmera Redwyne, Her Grandmother, Lady of Highgarden (Deceased)
  • Garlan Tyrell, Her Great Uncle, Lord of Brightwater Keep (Deceased)
  • Leonette Fossoway, Lady of Brightwater Keep (Deceased)
  • Loras Tyrell, Her Great Uncle
  • Margaery Tyrell, Her Great Aunt

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