Myranda Pyke
Bastard of Blacktyde
The lights blind us from the horrors they bring
The lights blind us from the horrors they bring
Culture Ironmen
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Gifts N/A
Skills Cyvasse, High Valyrian, Lute, Mystic
Negative Traits Infertile
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters
Myranda Pyke is a bastard of Blacktyde

Appearance and Character Edit

Lithe and petite, Myranda would be beautiful if not for her face. Her skin is too pale, and her eyes, though a deep and elegant blue, are sunken and cloudy. While she wears the usual northern trappings, she does wear her mother's jewelry as a memento.

History Edit

Recent Events Edit

Family Edit

Her father: Ryden Blacktyde: b.329

Her mother: Vellasha: (331-363)

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