Culture Stormlander
Aliases Mercy
Gender Female
Date of Birth 345 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Vitality
Skills Dagger Proficiency, Unarmed Proficiency, Covert, Literacy
Negative Traits Mute
Liege <Valarr Targaryen>
Favoured Weapons Daggers
Reddit Username /u/The-Gift-Of-Mercy
Alternate Characters <Marissa Lannister> <Alayne Baelish> <Alerie Tyrell>
Mercedene is a woman born smallfolk, and is a known criminal.

Appearance Edit

Mercedene has brown hair and amber eyes, and is traditionally pretty. Her jaw is broken, and she hides it underneath a cloth.

History Edit

Mercedene, who was born Lia, was the daughter of a simple farmer just outside of the Kingswood in Queen’s Landing. Hers was a simple life - pick, provide, smile. Sixteen years of her life were spent doing just that. She leaned how to skin with daggers and she was an expert sneak, agile and healthy on top, and pretty in her own way - which cost her.

After a visit to the village near Fellwood, Mercedene was offered a spot amongst court by the Then-Lord-Fell, and she was quick to accept, and brought her parents with her. During her brief stay at court, things began deteriorating quickly. Lord Fell’s urges towards Lia became more and more apparent, and on one drunken night, he forced himself upon her.

When she screamed, Lord Fell had the guards remove her tongue, and when she screamed there after from pain, her jaw was crushed and broken by a brute with an iron fist. Her parents were put to the torch and all lands that her family had owned her forgeit, and Lord Fell seized them quickly.

Now tongueless and unable to share her plight, Lia fell into a bout of depression, which lasted until she came across a fishing village at the edge of Blackwater Bay. A Braavosi merchant was there, and he aided her, cloaking her wounds, and calling her ‘The Vision of a World without Mercy’ and told her she should take the name Mercedene.

And so she did. Mercedene had always been a quick learner, and this Braavosi merchant aided her greatly, teaching her how to read and write over the course of months. Not only did he do this, but he forged her into a ruthless woman.

Wroth is the deadliest sin of all, some would say - and Mercedene had a lot of it. After bedding this Braavosi merchant, she left and made her way out of the village. With herself, a dagger, and her own willpower, she forged a path to Queen’s Landing, where she found temporary residence there, serving under a ring of men and women both, who specialized in running. There, she learned how to fight without weapons and learned the inner and outer corridors of Queen’s Landing.

Recent Events Edit


Timeline Edit

345 AC: Lia was born.

359 AC: Lia was taken in by Lord Fell.

364 AC: Lia was forced upon, and had her tongue cut out, as well as her jaw broken.

365 AC: Lia becomes Mercedene, ‘Mercy’

366 AC: Mercedene begins her travel to Queen’s Landing.

367 AC: Mercedene arrived in Queen’s Landing.

Family Edit


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