Mazhdan VIII zo Loraq
King of Meereen, Scion of Ghis, Octarch of the Old Empire, Master of the Skahazadhan and Blood of The Harpy
Mazhdan zo Loraq sketch
Culture Ghiscari
Gender Male
Date of Birth 351
Date of Death
Gifts Wealth
Skills Cyvasse, Torturing, Covert
Negative Traits Weak
Liege None
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives see Family
Favoured Weapons crying and Sharazz Silents
Reddit Username /u/BloodOfTheHarpy
Alternate Characters Kayl Rykker
Mazhdan zo Loraq, Eight of That Noble Name, is the King of Meereen. He is the grandson of Hizdahr XIV zo Loraq, King of Meereen and Consort to Dragons.

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