Matthos Waters
Culture Cownlander (Andal)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 345 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Strong, Towering
Skills Unarmed, Greatsword
Negative Traits Maimed (Left Arm)
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/BigBasted
Alternate Characters Vardis Hunter, Ser Benedar

Matthos Waters is a bastard from King's Landing, and a well known brawler.

Appearance and Character Edit

Matthos is a man built like a strange mixture of a bull and a lion. His 7 and a half foot body is a massive slab of muscle and sinew, with a head tangled inside a combination of mane-like hair and a vast, bushy beard. His face, with heavy brow and broken nose, call him a brute, and the mass of scars covering him from head to toe attest to the claim. He looks like the perfect tavern brute, if you ignore his... arm. Singular.

History Edit

Matthos is a child of King's Landing; born a bastard, raised a thug. He's always been a scrapper, and honestly, it's all he's ever known. Since birth he's had to fight for ever scrap of food or clothing he owns, as his mother couldn't keep up with the amount he needed. By the age of only 13, Matthos had already to be 6 ft, and had moved from the stealing scraps of food in the alleys, to standing at the doors of taverns and soup halls, guarding them. He hadn't completely left the alleys, as he had began to use his massive strength to become a well known brawler.

His fame and skill, however, brought the ire of the fighters he had "de-throned". One of them wen't even as far as to try and kill Matthos while he was walking the streets. While the envious fighter had brought a knife to the fight, Matthos was able to bring the man to the ground, suffering a few scratches. What at first seemed like a mere cut on his left hand quickly became a major infection. Matthos spent what little wealth he had on the services of a maester. The job was sloppy, and the infection moved from his hand (which was then amputated), to his lower arms (also amputated), all the way to his shoulders. The infection almost took him, but his body was able to take care of the weak infection that was left, leaving Matthos without his left arm, and without any money.

Recent Events Edit

Family Edit

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