Maron Martell
Prince of Dorne
Culture Salt Dornish
Aliases None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 353 AC
Date of Death N/A
Gifts Strength
  • Spear Proficiency
  • Navigator
  • Negative Traits None
    Liege Prince Olyvar Martell
    Spouse None
    Children None
  • Olyvar Martell
  • Nymeria Martell
  • Favoured Weapons Spear
    Reddit Username /u/MaronMartell
    Alternate Characters
  • Harold
  • Bronn Blackwater
  • Damon Whitehill
  • Born in 353 AC to Quentyn Martell and Naeris of Braavos, Maron is the youngest of the Martell children.

    Appearance and Character Edit

    Due to his mother’s constant travelling to Braavos, his sister, Nymeria often ‘coddles’ him, occasionally much to his embarrassment. He is very fond of his sister however.

    Now at the age of four-and-ten, he has continued his journey to become a knight, and is currently looking for a knight to squire for. His martial ability is excellent for his age and often tipped to become a great knight.

    Maron is a tall boy, reaching six foot and two inches. His mother tells him that he will grow even taller. He bears the typical Martell looks - dark hair and olive skin with green eyes inherited from his grandmother.

    History Edit

    Maron has spent most his youth learning to be a knight following the encouragement of his father, Quentyn. Having developed very early compared to his peers, he finds himself struggling to relate to the fellow children in and around Sunspear.

    Recent Events Edit

    None yet.

    Family Edit

    References Edit

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