Vardis Hunter
Culture Valeman (Andal)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 326 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Skills Mystic, Alchemy, Healing, Dagger Proficiency
Negative Traits Minor Injury (Missing Left Eye)
Favoured Weapons Kris Dagger
Reddit Username /u/MaesterVardis
Alternate Characters Matthos Waters, Ser Benedar
Vardis Hunter is a maester in the Citadel, serving as an assistant to the Archmaester Lucifer Wyl

Appearance and Character Edit

Vardis is a tall, well built man. His face, while not sculpted from marble, does certainly have a strange... drawing air to it. Especially his one, piercing eye. His face as a few scars which suprisingly don't take away from his looks. Some say they even compliment it. His hair is a dark brown, and he has a unshaven beard of browns and grays.

History Edit

Vardis was born to a distant branch of House Hunter. He lived in the comfort of a noble, with none of the responsibility of the main branch. Though they did try to pressure him as a lad, when his features and social abilities began to develop, to think about becoming a representative for the House. He was shaping up to be a good looking young man, after all, and it'd be a shame to waste it hiding behind books.

He didn't hide behind the books, interestingly enough, but not to the effect his family wanted. He caroused with commoners and sailors, flocking to the nearest dock at the first word of travelers from Essos. He learned a few tricks, among the lowborn, learning to defend himself from the less-than-welcoming with daggers and knives.

He also didn't abandon the books, and perused the books of many a maester. When he was to reach adulthood, he was sent to the Citadel to learn from the maesters he seemed so interested in. At the Citadel, Vardis flourished, quenching both his thirst of knowledge, learning under the best minds of Westeros, and the exotic, visiting the docks of Oldtown and the occasional trip to Essos.

His two interests combined when he began to dedicate most of his time in trying to forge the valyrian steel and lead rings of magic and alchemy. He dedicated most of his time into these two subjects, only spending the necessary amount of time on the other rings. The Archmaester of Magic, Lucifer Wyl, took note of the young acolytes dedication, giving Vardis strange and exciting research tasks that sent him to the North and to Essos, to see first hand the plethora of unknown wonders the world offered. One of these trips resulted in a fight between Vardis and a man pretending to be red priest, and it cost Vardis his left eye.

Vardis forged other rings in the interim between these trips; the copper of history, silver of healing, and lead of alchemy, ending finally with the valyrian steel link. With the valyrian steel link forged, Vardis became a full maester, and became one of Archmaester Lucifer Wyl's assistants, allowing him to stay at the Citadel.

Recent Events Edit

Family Edit

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