Mace Redwyne is the eldest son and heir of Stafford Redwyne, the Master of Ships and Lord of the Arbor. His family are bannermen of House Tyrell. He is six-and-twenty years old and is the twin brother of Mina Redwyne.

History Edit

Mace was born a Redwyne, the giant island of The Arbor was surrounded on all sides by water, from The Sunset Sea to The Redwyne Straits. He, with lots of help and prodding from his fathers and cousins both, took up sailing quickly. It is said that he was as comfortable on the back of galley than with his two feet on solid ground. Although he had little to no experience in war, he has studied books upon books of naval tactics from the history annals, although that may not serve him well in actual war.

But Mace also enjoyed the simpler things in life. He liked to hawk, although he was no good at it, and he enjoyed a cup of wine like any normal Redwyne would. Yet, most of all, he loved to paint. It was a hobby he took up on a whim after seeing a painting in the market of Ryamsport and he decided to do it himself. It is said that on quiet days you could almost 100% ensure he was painting something. Whether it be a painting of the sun setting on The Redwyne Strait or painting a grape hanging off of a vine just so. It is a way he keeps his mind off of the more horrible things in life and instead focuses on the smaller things

Timeline Edit

  • 341 AC: Mace Redwyne was born along with his twin sister Mina Redwyne
  • 356 AC: Mace became captain of his first galley, Lady Olenna, named after his great great grandmother, who married Mace Tyrell.
  • 358 AC: Mace became captain of Arbor Red a magnificent galley second only to the Arbor's flagship and twin ship to the galley Arbor Gold
  • 366 AC: Became Acting Lord of The Arbor when his father Stafford Redwyne took the position of Master of Ships and traveled to King's Landing

Family Edit

  • Stafford Redwyne (54), His Father, Master of Ships, Lord of the Arbor
  • Melesa Rowan, His Mother (325 - 366)
    • Mace Redwyne, His Twin Brother (26)
    • Mina Redwyne (26)
    • Denys Redwyne, His Brother (19)
    • Bethany Redwyne, His Sister (15)
    • Melesa Redwyne (365 -366)
  • Alayne Redwyne, His Aunt (52)
  • Alan Redwyne, His Uncle (43)

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