Lyonel Crane
Knight of House Crane
Culture Reachman
Gender Male
Date of Birth 340
Date of Death
Gifts Ambidexterous
Skills Axes, Falconry
Negative Traits
Liege Alester Tyrell
Favoured Weapons Bearded Steel Huntsman's Axe
Reddit Username /u/craneingmyneck
Alternate Characters Axell Swann

A Scion of House Crane, a loyal vassal of House Tyrell of the Reach, Lyonel is the second son of Lord Quentin Crane

Appearance Edit

Lyonel is more or less an average looking man, with sandy blonde, medium length hair and a short, trimmed beard, his one defining feature is a huge scar going from one side of his face to the other.

History Edit

Lyonel Crane was born in 340, the second son of Lord Quentin Crane, from a young age he took an interest in the woodsmen that worked around his father's courtyard, admiring the skill and artisan ability the men had worked their whole lives towards, Lyonel had no time to learn this however, but he did enjoy the axes, to a point where he would not fight with anything else, making him something of an oddity in reachman courts. After being knights on his 16th nameday Lyonel traveled throughout the reach for some time before becoming a knight in the service of House Hightower, where he spent several years assisting Lord Roland as a personal guard. Some time into his tenure at Oldtown Lyonel took up hunting, however, after an incident involving a wolf, a stag, and an angry farmer's wife left him with a huge scar across his face, Lyonel decided to take up Hawking instead.

Timeline Edit

337 - Garlan Crane is born to Lord Quentin

340 - Lyonel Crane is born 348 - Lyonel Crane, while sparring, breaks his brother's left hand, crippling it permanently

349 - Arwyn Crane is born

350 - Petyr Flowers, Lyonel's bastard brother, is born

356 - Lyonel is knighted and offers his services to Lord Roland Hightower

360 - After a hunting incident Lyonel is scarred hugely

363 - With the birth of his nephew Lyonel returns to Red Lake to assist in his upbringing

Family Edit

* Father - Quentin Crane, 50, a tall and proud man, with most of his hair and few of his teeth

* Mother - Bethany Serry, 49, a short, plump woman with greying hair

* Older Brother - Garlan Crane, 30, he looks twice his age, hunched and greying, married to Carolei Redding

* Nephew - Vortimer Crane, 4

* Nephew - Gormon Crane, newborn

* Sister - Arwyn Crane, 18, small and thin, quiet voice

* Half-Brother - Petyr Flowers, 17, an ugly, agile boy

* Cousin - Flement Rowan, 26, Lord of Goldengrove

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