Lyle Beesbury is the first-born son of Garth and Ellyn Beesbury, and brother to Hyle, Kyle, Illyn, and Bryen Beesbury. He is 24 years old and has a 2 year old bastard daughter named Lynesse.

Lyle Beesbury
Heir of Honeyholt
Culture Andal (Reachman)
Aliases The Bee Knight
Gender Male
Date of Birth 343 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Martially Adept
Skills Polearms, Horse Riding
Negative Traits
Liege House Hightower
Spouse None
Children Lynesse Flowers (age 2)
Relatives Garth Beesbury

Ellyn Beesbury Kyle Beesbury Hyle Beesbury Illyen Beesbury Bryen Beesbury

Favoured Weapons Spear, Anything he can get his hands on
Reddit Username u/thebeeknight
Alternate Characters Benjen Hunter, Myrio Narratys, Stannis Selmy

Appearance Edit

Lyle has blond hair, which he keeps short, and stands at 6' even. He has striking blue eyes that stare down anyone that he speaks to. He wears elaborate armor when in battle.

History Edit

Lyle Beesbury was the firstborn son of Garth and Ellyn Beesbury nee Cuy. Lyle took a keep interests in the ways of fighting at a young age, squiring for the household master-at-arms, Ser Randyll Bulwer and earning his knighthood at age 16. Lyle proved able to use pretty much any weapon that he could pick up, though he soon realized that polearms had found a special place in his heart. He has spent countless hours practicing with his spears and poleaxes. Though when he was not training with his weapons, he was out riding his horse. Lyle enjoyed the freedom and mobility that a horse gave him and incorporated the animals in his martial training as well as his leisure time.

He is the oldest of five boys, with his brothers Kyle, Hyle, Illyn, and Bryen also being knighted, each possessing an affinity for a different weapon, collectively call themselves "The Drones" after a jest that they made during their childhood about how the brothers would be a swarm of bees, terrorizing all who opposed them. They each wear an elaborate suit of armor when they ride, setting themselves apart from any other men in the Reach. Lyle has a two year old bastard daughter named Lynesse Flowers with a the owner of a tavern near Honeyholt, though he lets her mother raise the girl, he does send her coin to assist in her upbringing.

The Drones along with one hundred Beesbury troops, with Ser Lyle in command, answered the call of their liege, Loras Hightower and were part of his army that took Brightwater Keep. After their surrender to the Alester Tyrell, Lyle lead the Beesbury men back home, before accompanying his father to Oldtown, once again answering the call of House Hightower.

Family Edit

Father- Garth Beesbury (b. 325)

Mother- Ellyn Beesbury nee () (b. 327)

Brother- Kyle Beesbury (b. 344)

Brother- Hyle Beesbury (b. 347)

Brother- Illyn Beesbury (b. 348)

Brother- Bryen Beesbury (b. 348)

Bastard Daughter- Lynesse Flowers (b. 366)

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