Lyaera Flowers
Bastard of Holyhall
Culture Valyrian
Aliases -
Gender Female
Date of Birth 348 AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Beauty
Skills Torturing, Healing
Negative Traits -
Liege The Second Sons
Spouse -
Children -
Relatives Jon Ambrose, Stepfather
Favoured Weapons Daggers
Reddit Username /u/Holyhall_Flowers
Alternate Characters Cerenna Blackmont

Lyaera Flowers is the head torturer for the Second Sons, and a purported Targaryen bastard.

Biography Edit

348 AC - Born to Melissa Graceford at Holyhall 9 months after her father Daemon attended a feast and got her mother with child. The newborn infant was sent away by Melissa's infuriated father, who saw Lyaera as a mistake that should've never had happened and sent her mother away to marry Jon Ambrose.

348 - 359 AC - Grew up in Pentos with a servant who acted as a mother figure to her and told her of her father, who was rumoured to be descended from Prince Maekar, and the servant eventually died of the pox while working as a tavern wench when Lyaera was 11. The stories she was told inflamed her curiosity and she oft wondered if she had other siblings out there.

359 - 362 - Latched onto the Second Sons when they came to Pentos, and spent the next three years acting as an errand girl before being apprenticed to the company torturer, since she'd exhibited an interest in torture, the Targaryen madness flaring for the first time.

362 - 366 AC - She travelled with the Second Sons, learning how to heal her victims so they lasted longer and taking the spot of Company Torturer after the previous one died fighting in Myr in 364 AC; She had acquired a taste exclusively for women during this time, frequenting brothels when not on duty. She also encountered Harold Snow in Myr, both sellswords fighting on opposite sides of the conflict.

367 AC - She returned to Pentos with the Second Sons, rumours from Westeros beginning to trickle across the Narrow Sea about the events in Westeros, her desire to meet her kin reawakened.

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